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Ron Jaworski predicts the Bills will return to the playoffs


Buffalo native and NFL analyst Ron Jaworski recently returned home to host his annual golf outing at the East Aurora Country Club. The fund raiser event for Baker Victory services has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for kids in the Buffalo community. Jaworski, nicknamed Jaws, spent a few minutes sharing his outlook on the Buffalo Bills.

Q: Thoughts on Rex becoming the Head Coach?A: Very exciting. I've known Rex since 1986 and I know his great personality, his energy and his intelligence. From a defensive perspective, I don't know if there's anyone better in the National Football League. Very aggressive, tremendous scheme, players will love him. The one question that Rex is going to have to answer is, can he get the offense going because the defense will be great. As far as bringing energy to the workplace, Rex Ryan does it.

Q: How good do you think the defense can be?A: I think back to the '85 Bears and when we think about great defense, we always mention that group. Maybe the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 with that great defense led by Ray Lewis, but I think the '85 Bears is very similar to what Buffalo could have. Now the front seven is dynamic and if the back end can play like that '85 Bears team? Wow. Could be very interesting.

Q: What are your thoughts on the quarterback situation?A: Well, the NFL is about consistent play at the quarterback position and stability. Having the same guy play in and play out, not always about ability, but about availability. Having the guy that can line up under center and give you 16 games of 65-70 snaps a game and not make mistakes. When you look at this Bills team with Matt Cassel, a veteran guy, I'd give him a little bit a nose lead over EJ Manuel. I think EJ is younger with a better upside, but with this Bills team that is going to play great defense and run the football, you want a quarterback that can control the game at the line of scrimmage. So I'm going to give the edge to Matt Cassel.

Q: Do you think the Bills make the playoffs?A: Yes, it's a playoff team to me. The Buffalo Bills will be a playoff team. There will be great energy coming to Western New York once again.

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