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Running back Marshawn Lynch - Media Day


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


On if he is close to coming back


I'm up and running on it so I would say I'm getting close.


On how difficult a situation it is after starting to play a good season


It's always tough and you know you're teammates are out there giving all they've got and your just sitting there, not able to do nothing to help them. That's hard but it's something that I have to work through.


On the coaches having to hold him back from playing


I'm trying to get out there every second I can.


On if it is nature to get back out there


If I can run, I feel I can play. But they're doing a good job of protecting against me.


On if he has a timetable in mind


No, but I just tell myself everyday that I'll be able to play this week so I tell myself that I'll be able to practice tomorrow that way I stay motivated and stay at what I need to do to get healthy.


On if he can make cuts and run full speed


Yes. We're going to have to see what the trainers want to do.


On if the they have given him a timetable


Not at all.


On if he is encouraged with how far he has come


Yes, I heard that this injury takes a lot of time to heal and with the way I've been running on it they say I'm coming back a little faster than expected. But I'm just patiently waiting until I could get back out there.


On the pain level


It's not that much pain. It's a little stiff but other than that it's pretty good.

I haven't played in two weeks so that's kind of the way I'm feeling right now.


On the timing of the injury with the team fighting for the playoffs


That's kind of what's pulling me to get out there as well as me just wanting to be out there with the rest of the team, but that's something real important right now.

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