Ryan Fitzpatrick: "They flat out dominated us"


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick**

Press Conference – October 7, 2012

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

Does this bring a feeling of embarrassment?

"Yeah, I mean yeah that's two weeks in a row, obviously not the way we want to come out play. Offensively just never got anything going and I feel like that is not who we are as an offense but unfortunately that's what we put out there today."

You stressed the importance this week of responding bouncing back having a good performance particularly after your performance on the road, against a quality opponent and it hasn't happened where do you go from here?

"You have to try to do the same thing next week. You know you have to give a lot of credit to the 49ers they are a tough team to beat and this is a tough place to play. They didn't do anything that fooled us defensively I mean. They just line up you know what they're gonna do and they just say you have to beat us and they did a better job than we did today. There was no fancy stuff out there it was they are who they are and they played better than us today."

The interception on the one in the third quarter, you were under pressure and what would you do differently?

"I'd probably just not throw at all there and try to scramble and get back up on the line of scrimmage or throw it out of bounds but yea it wasn't a wise decision."

Was the wind a factor at all?

"I mean the wind was whipping around pretty good but that's something you have to take into account."

You guys were 2-1 two weeks ago and things seemed to be going the way they were intended. These were two good teams you lost to but these are the team's you got to beat to contend. Is it demoralizing to have fallen so flat against teams you know you have to compete against?

"Yea it's tough and this was a whole different game than last week. Last week we played well at times, we had a nice lead in the second half and it all fell apart as we all know. This week they flat out dominated us from beginning to end and again really took it to us in the second half."

How catastrophic is this? Two games like this?

"I mean it's tough. It's tough on team morale, it's tough on all of that stuff now being 2-3, but you can't let these losses linger. I don't know that, I didn't feel like we came into this game with some wounds from New England. I felt like we came into this game with a fresh mindset and we just got beat by, beat bad by a better team today, but you can't let these things linger. We've got another interesting week for us staying out here in Arizona and preparing and playing another very good team so we've just got to come out and play better."

Considering how the last two games have gone do you think that's a good thing or a bad thing to play a team like that? "I don't think it matters, I don't think that we prefer it one way or the other. I think every week in the NFL it just seems like you have to come to play if you want to win a game, especially when you play the top tier teams. If you don't come and you don't play effectively you're not going to have a chance."

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