Ryan Fitzpatrick: "This is a very, very disappointing loss"


Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick**

On their struggles on offense
"That was I think as poor as we've played offensively since I've been here. We made a couple of plays but had a couple fumbles, false starts, just a lot of different things that you can't have if you want to be a good football team. It was a very, very frustrating first half, started slow again in the second half and then we went into the no huddle stuff at the end and were just kind of winging it out there and did a better job. (Reshad Jones) made a great play at the very end there but we kind of ran out of time at the end."

On the pass to Stevie Johnson that could have been a touchdown
"I have no idea. I threw it and I though he grabbed it, took a couple of steps and then I think as he went down it popped out but I don't know, that's all that I saw. I know that they obviously ruled it an incompletion."

On the challenges they've faced on offense against the Dolphins
"They did a good job. I just thought early on we had pre-snap penalties which had nothing to do with the noise. It's just stuff that's elementary that we should have done a better job of, and turning the ball over when you think you have some stuff going. That's the kind of stuff that really hurts you as an offense and it hurt us today."

On losing Scott Chandler early in the game
"Dorin (Dickerson) stepped in and Dorin knows what he's doing out there. You lose a good amount with Scott not in there in terms of his feel for the game and the way that we kind of have a good connection. It was unfortunate to see him go down with the injury that he went down with. You lose a lot when you lose a player like that but I thought Dorin stepped in terms of assignments and knew what he was doing out there."

On the team's thoughts going into next week after today's game
"This is not the result we wanted. I think in terms of guys showing up next week and playing, I don't think that's anything that you ever have to question about our football team. I think this is a very, very disappointing loss though."

On the interception at the end of the game
"We had a run play; it's basically a run to the left with the safety standing on the end of the line. If the safety's coming, I kick it out to Stevie (Johnson) one on one with the cornerback and he just made a heck of a play. It's a throw I've made many, many times since I've been here and he just made a heck of a play."

On their use of play action today
"We've done more play action of late just because of how good we've been running the ball and how good C.J.'s (Spiller) been and how much of a threat he is. I don't know if it was anymore this week than any other week."

On the play of the Dolphin defense today
"Everybody always talks about the corners and if their playing one on one and you're matched up, you really like to attack certain guys. When they play a lot of zone stuff and are dropping guys underneath sometimes it's a little bit harder but you hope that if they blow assignments in the zone stuff, you're able to find them and get the ball down field. I thought they did a decent job today."

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