Ryan Fitzpatrick: "This is one we really needed"


Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick**

On Buffalo's red zone offense:

"In the red zone, we start focusing when you get down in there, the 15-yard line and tighter. That's when teams start doing different things and we're having trouble. I think both times we were near the 20, we stalled out. And then you saw the one play we got down there. We were able to do some things and get it in. We're having problems right now. It is considered the red zone, but for a couple weeks now it's been around the 20-yard line where we haven't been able to get a lot done."

On not capitalizing on the Colts missing their starting cornerback:

"I thought we'd come in here and play a lot better than we did and score a lot more points, throw the ball better, get the ball downfield. We missed a couple opportunities and had some other stuff we just weren't able to either get in because of what they were doing or get downfield. Yeah, disappointment."

On Buffalo's run game:

"I think he (C.J. Spiller) ended up with over 100. The thing with C.J. is that if you give him the ball enough, he's going to break some long ones. Every time he touched it, he's not going to run for 40. I thought we were effective, but it was with three or four-yard runs rather than a 10 runs over 10 yards kind of deal."

On Buffalo's screen game:

"I had to throw one away. We threw one that we got a holding call on. I had a couple to Donald (Jones). So we had some stuff in that we did. I think they were very aware and conscious of it. I think when you play a team like this, their rush is tough. They're getting at you faster and you've got to get the screen off real fast and sometimes that makes it difficult."

On the missed deep throw to Donald Jones down the left sideline:

"I had to step up. (Robert) Mathis was coming off the edge and Andy (Levitre) came over and made a nice block on Mathis. I stepped up and stepping up I didn't put as much air on it as maybe I would have wanted to. That's one of those that we just have to be able to connect and make a play."

On the lack of a deep passing game:

"We essentially had three good opportunities today. One they jumped offside and I threw to C.J. (Spiller). One to Donald (Jones) there, which I don't really know what happened. And the one to Stevie (Johnson) that he caught. We felt like we would be able to get the ball downfield even more than that today and have more opportunities. They did a good job."

On not scoring after Tom Zbikowski's midfield fumble:

"It was disappointing. It was a heck of a play by Stevie (Johnson) to get the ball back. I thought scoring a touchdown on that next drive, having some momentum and then with the interception and Stevie getting the ball back, there was enthusiasm and excitement out there in the huddle. We just couldn't get it done."

On the playoff implications of today's game:

"This is one we obviously really needed. I don't really want to project or talk about the next however many games we have left. It's all about getting back to work and trying to win next week. That's all we can worry about."

On Chan Gailey's decision to punt inside the Colts' 40-yard line:

"I'm not one to question Chan. He's our head coach and he makes those decisions. That's what he gets paid to do and I'm behind him 100 percent in what he does."

On the speed of the Colts defense and pass rush:

"(Robert) Mathis and (Dwight) Freeney are well known, obviously, especially at home for creating some havoc. They did a really nice job. There were times where we tried to get chips on them and just varying the snap count a little bit, not letting those guys get off on us. I thought those guys are really good players over there and they did a good job today."

On Buffalo's clock management at the end of the first half:

"I think we had a timeout left. We thought we'd be able to get the ball moving a little bit, get some field position. We had the timeout and enough time to at least get down there and maybe get a field goal before the end of the half. We started out first throw incomplete, got a little pressure, second throw incomplete. Then at that point, we were obviously going to play it safe with a run and make them kill a timeout. That was one of those decisions where we thought we'd be able to put points on the board and didn't."

On the touchdown throw to Lee Smith:

"That's a play that we've had in since I've been here and I don't know if we've ran it down there. Corey (McIntyre) had gone down, was hurt, so Kyle (Williams) had to come into the game and play fullback in that personnel grouping. It's just everybody running around in the end zone to different spots. Lee did a nice job and nobody covered him. The ref hit him, and he almost fell over with running into the ref, but nobody covered Lee on the backside and I was able to see him."

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