Ryan Fitzpatrick: "This one stings"



On what happened on his fourth-quarter interception:

I just got greedy in a situation that I did not have any business being greedy in. It was a dumb throw, dumb decision by me. Third down at the end of the game, game on the line, Chan (Gailey) put the ball in my hands essentially and I threw an interception. So that one hurts.

On if the receiver he threw to was who he was supposed to on the interception:

There are five different receivers on that play, so that was just the one I threw it to.

On if the pass was intended for WR Stevie Johnson or WR Donald Jones:


On if the outcome of the game goes in the 'hard to explain' category:

They all hurt, but I think the ones that are close, tight, back-and-forth—those are the ones that hurt the most when you do not come out on top. This one stings, especially right before the bye week.

On if the wind played an impact on the passing game:

There was not really much of an impact. The wind was blowing today, but really it was just one side of the stadium that really has an effect on you. Saw it impact the kicking game more than anything today. That was it.

On the screen game being a major part of the game plan:

Again, just getting those guys (RB C.J. Spiller and RB Fred Jackson) touches as many ways as we can. Whether it is handing the ball off out of the backfield or throwing them screens, we just wanted to get them as many touches as we could. That was a part of it. This defense that we played is one that a lot of times will have two high safeties and sit back. If we can get our guys the ball and get them a block then it gives us a good chance to get them in space. That is part of what we wanted to do today.

On why the passes on the Bills' last drive were all short throws:

The way that they play it was obviously going to be everybody deep and back. You hope to catch one short and have somebody go. We had the two timeouts so not necessarily having to run out of bounds and do all of that stuff. Just trying to get people down the field to at least have a chance at it. The first and second downs we had catches, but the short completions.  I tried to get Scott (Chandler) on the third one and then I tried to get Stevie (Johnson) on the last one. It did not happen.

On the touchdown passes in the third quarter coming on very similar plays:

They were similar in that they were real timing plays. Timing those throws that I had to trust my guys. Make sure we were on the same page and the timing was precise. Releasing it before they were making their breaks. Donald (Jones) did a great job and Stevie (Johnson) did a great job on his.

On why they did not go for two at all in the second half:

You will have to ask Chan (Gailey) that. I do not know, but that is a head coach's decision.

On if he saw anyone coming on his fumble to start the second half:

No. I did not see him.

On what he is feeling like as the game was developing: We did a good job today for the most part. We had a couple of field goals that I wish we would not have had to settle for. There was the big holding call there late. I complete one to Scott (Chandler) down the field to really get a drive going, possess the ball and run the clock out a little bit. Got the holding call on that and that was tough. During the game it is a good feeling to be able to move the ball like that. Just have a lot of different things working and that is the kind of offense we want to be, in terms of getting our running backs the ball. Get them going. We had some nice boot, nakeds, where we had some guys open today. That is kind of who we are right now, getting those guys going. We just need to do a better job. I need to do a better job at the end of the game—which we unfortunately did not today.

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