Ryan Fitzpatrick: This showed the kind of character we have



Q: I am sure you liked winning the game, but it cannot make up for the whole season for you.

A: Yeah, but what we could control today is going out there and playing hard. Playing for each other because this is the last time this team is going to be together with all of the guys. These situations, they are kind of pride games like we talked about all week. They show what kind of man you are and what kind of character you have. I thought it really showed out there on the field what kind of character there is in our locker room.

Q: Did it feel like you were playing for jobs today?

A: I think we just viewed it as…it was another game, but it is the end of the year. There was so much disappointment so to go out there and just all of the uncertainty to follow this game—you just want to put all of your focus into this game and go play.

Q: Give us the best argument for keeping HC Chan Gailey as the head coach of this team.

A: I will talk about any of those questions tomorrow. I think this press conference will be about this game and then I will be happy to answer those tomorrow.

Q: Did it look like they were loading up to stop RB C.J. Spiller, but you still managed to sneak him out on some screens?

A: Yeah. Our screen game really was not there today besides the one, all you need sometimes is one, we got C.J. (Spiller) in space on a third down and he had the 66 yard touchdown. They did a good job throughout the rest of the game just having us throw away a couple of screens, boots and things. That is the kind of defense they are. They are aggressive. Third down, they are tough. Coming into this game we knew their conversion rate. They were very successful on third down and that was some stuff we tried to emphasize. They are going to get you on some stuff. We just tried to not make a big mistake.

Q: Talk about getting WR Stevie Johnson 1,000 receiving yards again.

A: Yeah, that was big. We want to go in and win the game. I was very conscious of that going into the game though in terms of Stevie (Johnson) and the 65 yards. He has just been a guy that has been great for me just in terms of coming up to make big plays. The catch he made down the sideline I thought was pretty unbelievable. It got that drive going. He really stepped up big for us today.

Q: It looked like your team wanted to be there more than them. Did you see that?

A: Well this is the type of game that it is hard when you fall behind in a game that does not have playoffs on the line or whatever it is. It is very hard I guess to play with the same intensity. That was our focus going into the game. Just making sure that we got a lead and got up. Really, we wanted to start fast in the first quarter and I thought our defense played well. We did not have many possessions in the first half. We knew if we were going to be able to get the lead and start to get on a little bit of a roll that we would be in good shape.

Q: How would you compare today's effort to past games?

A: It is always easy for the effort to be there when you are winning. It is always easy for the effort to be there when you are making plays and scoring touchdowns or getting turnovers. I think for us, the guys on this team the effort is always there. Sometimes just falling behind, it is not as fun when you are losing like we have earlier in the year.

Q: Can you just speak to the decal on your helmets and moment of silence for the West Webster tragedy?

A: It was such an unfortunate incident. That was just our way of honoring them. Showing them that our hearts are with them and certainly the families that had to deal with that great tragedy.  * *

Q: What is your plan over the next few hours before you delve into the future tomorrow? A: Try to get rid of my cold—that is probably number one. I will go meet up with my family now, we will go home and we will enjoy the victory. Just celebrate the end of the season. I have got a lot of stuff going on. My wife is having a baby in a few weeks so I think I can finally turn my focus to her. She has been a bit neglected during the season in terms of that stuff. So right now I am just going to spend it with my family and enjoy it, then tomorrow I think we will be able to digest everything, have a team meeting and talk to each other. Say our goodbyes for the summer or however long it will be.

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