Ryan Fitzpatrick: "We let them hang around"



Q: First off there were some third-and-shorts you failed to convert.

A: Yeah, we struggled on third-and-short all day today. That is something that cannot happen. We have to be able to extend those drives. Four field goals in the first half. That is a game that we could have blown wide open early I felt like and we did not. We let them hang around, hang around. Then there in the second half really put it on our defense. They were playing great. Just wanted to make sure we took care of the ball. Continue to allow our defense to go out there and shine. And they did. They did a great job. We have to be able to help them out a little more in the second half. We did not do a good enough job of that. It was a good team victory today. I thought the defense played great.

Q: On some of those plays it looked like a matter of inches. Is it just improving tiny things there?

A: Yeah it was small things. That was something…it was a short week, I do not know if that affected it or not. I think a lot of the plays that we had going were plays that we were comfortable with and had done in the past. So it is just a matter of it not happening. I do not know. We will look at the film and see. It is something we obviously have to correct.

Q: Did they bring more pressure in the second half?

A: Yeah. I think after the first quarter, the second quarter on they brought more pressure. We knew that is their defense, especially on third down they bring a lot of pressure. They have got a good scheme. I talked earlier in the week about it being a team you wanted a few extra days of practice against a team like this because there are some unorthodox, exotic blitzes and things that they do. That was tough for us but that was probably part of our struggle. I thought in terms of picking guys up we did a fairly decent job. Just were not able to get the conversions.

Q: Can you talk about just getting the win after losing the last three?

A: Yeah, I thought the biggest thing for us is just getting this winning feeling back. Football is such an interesting sport. Last week, the offense played better but you come out of the game feeling like crap. This week, the second half we did not really do much but you come out of the game feeling great. We got a victory and now we have to stack them together. We have to pile them up here. I think this will be a good moment for us just kind of coming together as a team. Hopefully getting some momentum for the second half here.

Q: Coach Gailey talked about playing a little bit conservative in the second half. With the way the defense was playing, did that impact how you played or your mindset?

A:  The play calling sometimes in terms of throwing screens, running the ball and doing different things was part of it. I think my mindset in the second half there was just making sure we protected the ball whether it was through the air or running the ball. Just making sure that we held onto it because we thought our defense was doing a great job.

Q: What do you think it means to your defensive teammates to have a game like this?

A: It is huge. Those guys, they have been working. They have been working so hard. There has been criticism on them, there has been a lot of criticism on us an offense and as a team in general. For them to step up and play the way they did today, I thought it was a dominant performance. Something we can build on.

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