Ryan Fitzpatrick: "We've seen what we are capable of "


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick**

Wednesday December 5, 2012

Q: You said last week after that game that weather is the kind that a Bills quarterback and a Bills team looks toward. You have the Rams, a dome team, this week. Do you hope for almost similar conditions?

A: I think I said that because we have to be able to embrace that. We have to be able to use that as an advantage for us in these December games. As a quarterback, do I hope that it is really windy and rainy? No, I do not. But if it is, we have to be able to use that to our advantage.

Q: The Rams defense appears to be able to throw some pretty exotic looking blitzes at people.

A: They do have some exotic stuff. They use different personnel groups and things. They are bringing guys in and out. When you first sit down and look at them they do a lot of different things, and it is a team that we are not real familiar with. Obviously we have not played them for a little while now and they have had a lot of turnover in terms of coaches and stuff over the last few years, but just looking at them they have good personnel. They also have a very good scheme. I think they do some very basic stuff like the Tampa-two stuff, but they also do some exotic things on third down.

Q: Kind of like the old Tennessee or Greg Williams in New Orleans type defense? What do you see?

A: Not really. It is kind of a mixture of everything; kind of tough to know what to expect at times.

Q: I have seen them play cover-two off coverage a bunch and they rely on their four guys paramount.

A: Have you been watching that NFL coaches tape? (Laughs) Yeah, that is the thing. They do some exotic stuff, but then they do some of the most basic coverages. Especially the two-Tampa, but going back to playing against Tennessee and CB Cortland Finnegan that is something that he in the nickel spot there is very good at in terms of his instincts and being able to kind of read quarterbacks, read routes, and things he does a good job at.

Q: Having played in St. Louis, is there a mindset for a team that plays in a dome when they have to go play a cold weather team?

A: I do not know if anybody looks forward to coming to Buffalo and seeing icy, rainy and wintery mix. That is something, like I said earlier, that is to our advantage. Just for us, we have a lot of SEC guys here and guys from the south. Living in the elements, just living in it every day, that is something that we use to our advantage.

Q: Does practicing outside help?

A: Yeah. I think last week we went outside one day. It was heavy wind and I think that did help a little bit. It is tough. Not everybody on the staff enjoys that. Not everybody that has to stand around all practice enjoys that, but I think it is something that helps us.

Q: What is the biggest thing you are going to miss from C Eric Wood on Sunday?

A: We will miss a lot from him in terms of his leadership, his physical skill and also just the mental part of it. He has been the guy that has been able to make all of the calls. We are going to have to have some other guys step up. Some guys that have been around, but other guys step up and help out.

Q: Talk about OL Sam Young and OL David Snow who have to go in now. Having two people start their first NFL game is a little bit much.

A: For whatever reason the last two years it is something we have had to deal with on more than one occasion. Just plugging new guys in. We will see on Sunday. I know that they are willing to do it, but we will see if they will be able to go out there and do it. What I say all the time is I cannot sit there and worry about all those little things. We can do some stuff to try to help them out a little bit in terms of schemes and all of that. At some point they have to go out there, be productive and win those one-on-one battles. I have to go out there and do my job.

Q: How important is it for this team to try to win out and get a good feel of what this team is capable of?

A: We have definitely seen what we are capable of in spurts this year. There just needs to be a run here of consistently being able to put it together. All three phases and multiple games in a row. That is something that we are looking forward to trying to do.

Q: Once you finish your games there must be a lot of scoreboard watching, right?

A: You have to, but last week was not a good week in terms of looking up and seeing Cincinnati behind, Indianapolis behind and Pittsburgh behind and all of them pulling out wins. But naturally that is something as a player that you have to do. But for us, none of that matters if we do not win this game.

Q: What does having WR Donald Jones back afford you?

A: It gives us some versatility. Just a guy that has been around and that has been at all the different spots. Donald definitely brings a lot to the table especially inside with some of the stuff he can do physically. Pass game, run game, whatever it is. It will be great to have him back out there this week. It is one of those things that we have a lot of different guys that we can plug in and do a good job. We want our best out there.

Q: What have you seen out of CB Janoris Jenkins for the Rams? A: They have a lot of energy on that side of the ball. Some young guys back there that have made a lot of plays for them. You sit there and you turn on the film and they have definitely done some good things this year that jump out at you.

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