Ryan Fitzpatrick: "Winning cures all"

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On how he feels the run game has been impacted with injuries to the running backs and on the offensive line:

I think especially just the health of Fred (Jackson) and C.J. (Spiller) has been a little bit of an issue in terms of not being 100-percent the last two weeks. And those guys look great, ready to go. I think that'll help us that they're healthy now. Going to plug in some pieces up front but that's the great thing about this system I think. Guys can come in right away and kind of fill in and fit in, and we can still be pretty productive up front. That'll be one of our main challenges this week is getting the ground game going and giving those guys their touches with new bodies up front.

On if given the injury Jackson suffered if he's a little hesitant in his playing style:

I don't think he's hesitant at all. I don't think he'd be out there if he was. Him not being 100-percent the last few weeks, maybe that has something to do with it, but he's a guy that if he can be out there and he's healthy enough he's going to (be). I think he's really improved the last few weeks just in terms of how he feels. With him and C.J. both, we've got to get them the ball, we've got to get them their touches and try to take over the running game.

On if he can assess the mental state of the team:

It's a much better feeling today than it's been the last few days, I think, just in terms of putting that loss behind us. Really getting to dive in and focus on Arizona and the things that we're doing with our schemes, it's definitely a new week for us. We've got our plays that we put in today; we've watched a lot of film in terms of what we think they're going to do against some of our stuff. When you start focusing on football and get away from all of the negative media stuff, and all of the injuries, and just focus on your job I think it's refreshing to get back into that.

On if it's helped that they stayed out in Arizona instead of being back in Buffalo:

I think it helps in terms of we're spending a lot more time together maybe outside of practice. I think in that sense it's cathartic but either being here or being there I don't know that it really matters all that much but I think that if anything it's going to be a positive.

On if he's enjoyed being at his home this week:

Yeah. We got in Sunday night and I was able to spend some time Monday and Tuesday at home just relaxing. My family's back here so playing with the kids and doing all that (and playing) in the backyard. It's been a little bit different getting to spend a few days in Arizona during the season, but it's been nice.

On dealing with an injured offensive line:

I think it's important for me to make sure that 100-percent of my focus is on doing my job and not necessarily worrying about new bodies being in front of me, not worrying about any of the injuries or anything like that. But getting us in the right protections, getting us in the best possible situations before the snap and then just worrying about my job. That's the only way that you can go about it because there's so much as a quarterback that you have going on pre-snap and post-snap that you try not to worry about.

On the Cardinals defense:

They've done a great job. You look at their defensive line, their two guys they have inside, they're tough. They're a fast team, they're physical, they fly around. That's one thing you notice that they're all over the place and they've got experienced guys on the backend, too, in (FS Kerry) Rhodes and (SS Adrian) Wilson. (CB Patrick) Peterson's obviously a pretty special talent there in the secondary but another week, another really tough opponent, and a good defense. We'll have our work cut out for us.

On not thinking about who is in front of him protecting him:

You can't. I mean, it's a feel thing. You've got to have some sort of pocket presence but I'm not sitting there thinking about who's at right guard who our left tackle is. You can't think about any of that stuff. I think you put in schemes and hope that they work and guys are effective up front but that's something that after the snap that I can't worry about.

On pocket presence:

I mean at the end of the game last week when I had a 6'8 right guard and a 6'8 right tackle it looked a little different to me, but no it really does not; shuffling guys around up there. Like I said, a lot of time I am actually oblivious to that because I am focusing on so much else.

On what he can do as a captain to get the team back on track:

The thing about this league, and I think sports in general, is winning cures all. It does. Now it is how do we get back to playing good football and winning games? That is where you kind of just make sure, especially in practice, that extra film session and times when you are meeting with guys, that they understand the importance of this game. They understand that we need to get back on the right track. It is one of those things. Winning cures all in this league and we have to go out and take care of business.

On where the offense is at:

With us on offense, last week three points was not us. We put up some points in the first four weeks but we have had a lot of turnovers. There have been a lot of inconsistencies. It is just trying to find that consistency, that balance whether it is running the ball or throwing the ball. Making sure we are eliminating those negative plays. We have done a decent job this year in terms of getting into the end zone when we have had the opportunities. We have to continue to do that. This week a key for us is going to be staying on the field and sustaining drives on third down—which is something we struggled with last week.

On getting off to a fast start:

I think that is important in any game. You want to be able to go out there and gain that momentum, especially when you are on the road. You know their fans are going to be into it, they are going to be into it. That is always something that is emphasized, especially when you are on the road, is trying to take the crowd out of the game early.

On playing football in Arizona while growing up: Yeah, it was a little toasty, especially early on in the season. I have plenty of memories. A lot of my memories in Sun Devil Stadium were with (Arizona State). I went to a few Cardinals games when I was growing up, but a lot of them were those Sun Devils' games.

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