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Shawne Merriman: "I knew I could still play"


DE Shawne Merriman **

On how he feels to be back:

I'm excited just being back in the building with these guys not having to text them every week after the games just seeing how everyone is doing. I'm definitely glad and happy to be back in the building.

On if he feels surprised on being back:

No not really I mean it's the NFL that is just how things go. I knew I could still play and I could contribute to the game a lot. I'm just happy to even get that call back and because you never know how things are going to go and you have to be ready when it's time.

On if the Bills were checking in with him:

Yeah, I was still being able to talk to the players a whole lot and just the people in general that you talk to around the building that not necessarily on the team or part of the coaching staff that you build a relationship with people in the building and keeping in contact with them was key.

On where he spent his time after leaving the Bills:

I spent some time down in Miami hence the sunburn that I got from laying on the beach after my work out. Then I went back to San Diego and spent a lot there and still have been around t he game. Talked a little bit about the game and still kind of was involved in the game.

On what he thinks is the best way to make the most of this second opportunity:

Basically do what the coaches need me to do and do what this team needs me to do. Obviously Mark (Anderson) went down for a little bit. It is one of those things when guys get hurt in the NFL and you have to be ready to play.

On if he feels good about picking up where he left off with the scheme:

Yeah, it has become second nature. I went through it just about the whole training camp and got very comfortable especially towards the end of training camp with the scheme and how things work. It became a little bit more natural for me.

On saying that he is not a defensive end:

Of I have played linebacker my whole entire life but when you are a football player you are a football player. You can put your hand in the dirt, you can stand up, and obviously if these guys if they didn't think I could play defensive end then they wouldn't have brought me back. I am happy to not only contribute, but kind of just pick up where I left off and do what they need me to do.

On if it is tough for him to leave and come back:

Yeah it was a little different for me because I have always been a player in this league when I was healthy of course. To go through that transition when you are waiting for a guy to go down not just here, but all across the league or based on team needs. Everybody that I talked to during my time off, no one thought that I could not play anymore. It was more of team needs and who do they have available to come in and play right now and that type thing. I am just excited to come back.

On his thoughts about watching the struggle on defense: Like I said even though you aren't playing you are a fan of the game. But when you know you can still play and contribute and play it is a little bit tougher to sit back and watch the game. Good thing that I don't have sit back and watch anymore, I can go out there and play. I think the guys bounced back great the character that is in this locker room and just the resilience of these guys in this locker room is unmatched and I think it is not better time to continue on with the season we are having.

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