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Throwback Fantasy: 90s Bills vs. 60s Bills


Last week we pitted the 1990-93 AFC Championship Bills against each other in a fantasy football battle, using the standard scoring rules from Things got testy as the '90 team edged out the '92 team by less than two points – a definitively narrow margin for a battle decided over the course of two seasons. The '91 team was by far the most prolific, beating the '92 squad by a comfortable 15 points with a season average of 81.04 points per game.

Check out last week’s full stats for the nitty-gritty breakdown. The Bills-themed fantasy football team names are also worth a look.

This week, the surviving AFC Champions will step into their Deloreans and travel back to the 1960s to take on the American Football League Champion Bills of 1964 and '65. It was a different era of football, with the legendary Jack Kemp leading both squads at quarterback and a number of Wall of Fame-caliber names lining the roster.

Could the AFL Champion '64 Bills have what it takes to knock out the '90 AFC Champion Bills? What about the '65 vs. '91 matchup? Crunch these fantasy stats and see for yourself.

Close call! In the fast-pace, no-huddle game of the '90s, the Kelly-led '90 squad edged out the '64 Kemp-led squad by a respectable margin. Not a bad fight from a team born 30 years before many of the NFL's biggest advancements.

Hey Thurman! You couldn't have layed it on a little thinner, huh? The '91 Bills, led by Thomas' 17.72 points per game cleaned up against a 1965 team that rode its defense to the championshp. And while defense might win real championships, fantasy football is all about offense. Chalk the blowout up to the fact that it was a different era, as each of these teams represented a level of play close to the gold standard at their repective times.

Next week, the '90 and '91 teams finish off the Bills Throwback Fantasy debate once and for all, when playoffs come into play. We'll tally up their post-season fantasy stats and let you know which Buffalo Bills team was the best Fantasy team of all time.

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