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Top 10 reasons Bills-Chiefs is our biggest game yet


10. Tyrod's healthy.

There was some doubt towards the end of the Patriots game as to whether Tyrod Taylor would be healthy enough to play in this oh-so-meaningful game in Kansas City. He's taken it easy at practice this week, though the Bills on the whole had more mental than physical work in the short week.

9. We're looking fresh.

After a long hiatus, the blue pants are back. We're dressing for success on Sunday.

8. We meet again.

This is the 8th consecutive season that the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs play each other, and they're not even in the same division. The Bills lead the seven (soon to be eight) game streak 4-3.

7. A new Bill – well kind of – will be returning kicks.

After a shaky few weeks of kick returns and less than ideal league rankings (25th in punt return average and 31st in kick return average), the Bills brought back Marcus Thigpen in hope to stabilize that position.

6. You can feel the intensity.

The playoffs essentially start now for both teams; this a must-win game. The intensity will be palpable on Sunday, and you could feel it at One Bills Drive already this week.

5. Our return to Arrowhead.

Chiefs Kingdom is known for being loud, making Arrowhead one of the toughest places for visiting teams to play. The Bills have won three of their past four there though, defying odds and proving that home field advantage isn't everything, and hopefully won't be this Sunday.

4. A young corner showcase.

The Chiefs and the Bills took cornerbacks with their first picks in the 2015 NFL Draft, and neither were disappointed. Marcus Peters is as much a young leader for Kansas City as Ronald Darby is for Buffalo, and both have put up big rookie numbers to show for it.

3. Sammy Watkins.

Did you see his one-handed grab in the Patriots game? It's just one in a line of impressive catches, we know, but with a lot of talk about getting Watkins more targets this game, we'll look forward to more of that against the Chiefs.

2. Feel the Rush.

Bills: 5th in the league in rushing yards per game (137.5). Chiefs: 9th in the league in rushing yards per game (120.9). Despite the loss of Jamaal Charles, expect to see a ground and pound kind of game on Sunday.

1. Big implications.

The road to the ppost-season starts and stops in the next two weeks. LET'S GO!

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