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Top 10 reasons buildup for Bills-Patriots is huge


10. Bill Polian will get his ring.

The architect was awarded his gold jacket in August, but he'll receive his Ring of Excellence from the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Sunday at halftime. Stay in your seats, folks. It'll be special!

9. TB12 comes to town.

Love him or hate him (well, we know your thoughts), Tom Brady will be making his return to Buffalo and its scenic hotel views on Sunday, in a game it seemed he might not be a part of for much of the offseason. Rex's track record against Brady is good, and the Bills defense is better, so we'll see whether that lands Brady on the turf or in the endzone on Sunday. (At any rate, he might lose hearing!)

8. It'll be a star-studded pregame.

Internationally-known recording artist Vanessa Williams will come to Orchard Park to sing the national anthem before Sunday's big game. Williams grew up in downstate New York but has strong Buffalo ties through her mother and her new husband Jim Skrip, both Western New York natives. She and Skrip married in July in downtown Buffalo. Get to your seats early – this rendition will be memorable.

7. Spiderman will Lead the Charge.

Speaking of memorable '90s Bills, Darryl Talley will be standing on the tunnel, waving the flag as Bills players run onto the field, charged up for the Patriots. It'll be great to see him back at the Ralph, proudly Leading the Charge.

6. The Bills are on the national stage.

Following a TON of media attention this week, SportsCenter will be setting up shop in the newly christened Founder's Plaza from 8-10 am on Sunday. The show will be hosted by Hannah Storm, with Bill Polian, and Buffalo-native Ron Jaworski on set. There might even be a few high-profile former Bills joining the program as together (wink wink) and you know what happens when the '90s boys come around! Good things. [internal-link-placeholder-0]

5. We're 1-0.

If the prospect of going 2-0 against two highly ranked teams doesn't excite you…well…we're sending help.

4. Tyrod.

He wore an incredible shirt after last week's win and revealed on SportsCenter this week that he swallowed a quarter when he was 7 years-old. Oh by the way, he had a 123.8 QB rating against the Colts. What's not to love?

3. It's going to be LOUD.

It's going to be so loud you can't hear yourself talk, let alone think. Fans raised over $8,000 to bring in the Guinness Book of World Records to determine whether on Sunday, at Ralph Wilson Stadium, we break a new stadium record for loudest crowd. Chiefs fans set the bar high at 142.2 decibels (140 decibels is a jet plane at takeoff), but there's no telling what Bills fans can do when they put their mind to something.

You thought last game was loud? This game is going to be even louder. You know why? Keep reading.

2. The Cold Front is BACK.

We'd say Marcell is pumped for Sunday. #NEvsBUF #MrBigStuff

A post shared by Buffalo Bills (@buffalobills) on

After signing a big contract and missing Week 1, Marcell Dareus is back in a big way and ready to take on Brady and his offense. Dareus, Hughes, Williams and Williams will bring the heat – we mean cool – as a strong and united cold front moves through Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday. Dress appropriately.

1. It's the Patriots!

And what more reason do you need? [internal-link-placeholder-0]

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