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Top 10 reasons the Bills are motivated to squish the fish


1. The rivalry continues.

Rivals on the field. Friends off of it. #BUFvsMIA #FBF

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Long live the Bills-Dolphins rivalry, an epic matchup remembered and re-lived twice each season, especially by those who lived through the Marino-Kelly era. This game marks the 99th meeting between the two teams, and we're sure you have more than 99 #SquishTheFish memories to share.

2. There's a #ColdFront heading for Miami.

We'd write a dramatic NFL Films-esque sentence here about the heat in Miami chilled by the monstrous Bills D-Line coming south to wreak havoc at SunLife Stadium, but we'll let their play do the talking.

Just for the record, in the last four Bills-Dolphins games, the #ColdFront has sacked Tannehill 18 times.

3. We're 1-1.

Sure, there was some panic amongst Bills Nation after last week's loss. But we're still only one game from a winning record, and splitting games against Brady and Luck is not a bad look in the grand scheme of things. Keep calm, fight on, and #GoBills.

4. The Bills are back in blue.

Back to blue for #BUFvsMIA. 🔥

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After opening the season in white on white for two games straight, the Bills are back in blue for the trip to Florida.

5. Tyrod's stats don't lie.

Tyrod Taylor is ranked in the top 5 NFL QBs in completion percentage, yards-per-attempt and rushing yards. He hasn't been perfect, but rankings like that in more than two major stat categories? We'll take it. He'll look to step up in the pocket more and building on those positives against a tough Suh-led Miami D-Line.!

6. #FeelTheRush

Enough said. We'll bring the rush to Miami.

7. Clay, Carpenter and Incognito face their former teammates.

It's a homecoming of sorts for those three former Dolphins, but each echoed the sentiment that they want to win this game just as badly as any other. With major contributions already coming from this trio in 2015, it'll be interesting to see if they turn up the heat in Miami.

8. AFC East implications.

You might not be hearing as much hype about this week's game as last week's home Patriots game, but this game has the same implications in the division. As Kyle Williams said, "We can't turn one loss into two," so you better believe the Bills are as focused as ever on getting the W to rise in the AFC East.

9. Marcell vs. Suh

Run-stoppers. Money-makers. Rare talents. Big fellas. Call them what you want, Marcell Dareus and Ndamukong Suh are forces to be reckoned with on their respective defensive lines. Hopefully only the one wearing blue will look like the Pro Bowl player he is on Sunday.

10. Shady's first touchdown.

He's had a couple of false alarms, and we've seen a preview of his touchdown dance, but Shady's due to land in the aqua (yes, the Dolphins endzone will be full aqua for the game) for his first touchdown as a Bills RB, and we're betting he'll take his touchdown talents to South Florida.


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