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Top 10 reasons to be excited for the Bills second half

Pro Bowl-caliber seasons will continue.

Last year the Bills sent four to the Pro Bowl, and with the defense playing at this level and Sammy lighting it up, that number could tick up in 2014. Do your part to get your favorite Bills to the Pro Bowl by voting now!

Watching the Bills in primetime is always exciting.

Get your popcorn ready! The Bills head south to take on their AFC East rivals in the Miami Dolphins on Thursday, November 13. Though it leaves us with a Sunday afternoon free of Bills football (and who wants that?), it's a great reason to get together with friends watch the Bills on a nationally televised, primetime broadcast.

The Ralph will keep rocking.

What a finish. #GoBills

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Did somebody turn up the volume inside the Ralph this season or what? It has been LOUD, and that's all you, Bills fans! With the number of crowd assists (penalties to Bills opponents caused by crowd noise) approaching 20, you're doing your part to make it one of the hardest stadiums to visit. Continue to do your thing. We'll be listening.

Aaron Rodgers comes to town.

The Bills rarely host the Packers - in fact the last time was in 2006 - so when Aaron Rodgers and company come to town things should get exciting. The last time the Pack was in Buffalo was when they lost to the Bills 24-10 that year. Let's hope that streak continues.

Sammy could get to the top.

The rookie had a monster first half of the season, having been named NFL Rookie of the Week three times and becoming the first Bill EVER to earn the Offensive Rookie of the Month honor. In other words, he's the truth, and if he has as big of a second half as the first, he'll be sitting pretty on top of these leaderboards and more.

Cold weather benefits the Bills.

Alright, alright, so we didn't do a study to prove that Buffalonians have thicker blood than the rest, but we think it's safe to say that when the weather gets tough, the Bills get going. Here's to a cold and snowy November and December that keep the odds in our favor.

No Shave November will get wild.

It's November 1st, you know what that means! @getjackblack #NoShaveNovember

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'Tis the season! Many Bills players and thousands across America are leaving their razors at home during No Shave November. And don't you worry, we will have full coverage of the facial hair situation on all month. It's going to get wild.

Mike Pettine returns.

Browns head coach Mike Pettine had a short but memorable stay in Buffalo as the coordinator of a powerhouse defense, and he'll return for the first time when his Browns come to town. The Browns and the Bills are both 5-3, so it could be an interesting game. Though we'd all been used to rooting for Pettine to win in 2013, it won't be hard to let go of that mentality come November 30.

There could be trouble in Peyton's house.

Mile High might be sacred ground, but Peyton has shown he's not infallible. The tough Bills D could stir up some trouble in Colorado, and wouldn't that be fun?


We don't want to jynx it, so we're not going to say it. We really, really want to, but we just can't take that chance. So you're going to have to connect the dots and think about what might happen if the Bills keep winning. It's something that hasn't happened in a long time, and everyone will be over the moon if it does. Catch our drift?

Yeah, that's something to be VERY excited about.

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