Top 10 reasons to be pumped for Bills-Texans


10. Healing's happening.

A few member of our crew were banged up over the past two games, but with many 'probable' for Sunday, it seems we're on the mend.

9. Friends reunite.

Sammy Watkins and Houston's DeAndre Hopkins, two standout young wide outs, were college teammates at Clemson. The two are still tight. Hopkins even calls Watkins his 'little bro.'

8. JJ Watt.

He's a one-man force on the Texans defensive line, and with a new face on the Bills in Jordan Mills blocking on the right side of our offensive line, we'll hope for a hot start that changes the storyline from Watt's dominance to a lackluster day for one of the best in the league.

7. The Ralph will be safer than ever.

Look for increased police presence at the stadium on Sunday in light of recent events. And remember, if you see something, say something!

6. The weather outside will not be so frightful.

Remember when the 2015 schedule was released and everyone celebrated this December game against a southern dome team? Well, that's not going to matter so much because of the unseasonably warm temperatures predicted for the game, but fans certainly have Mother Nature to thank for warmer hands!

5. Back in blue.

Last time we wore blue jerseys we dominated the Dolphins. Just saying.

4. #FeelTheRush

With Karlos Williams sidelined, it'll be all Shady, all day. We can't wait to see that touchdown celebration again.

3. Sammy. Watkins.

Enough said.

2. This game means everything.

With losses the past two weeks, we've put ourselves in a must-win situation. Keep the faith.We certainly are.

1. We're coming home.

We've spent three weeks on the road, and we can't wait to see 70,000 of our closest friends doing what they do best at 1 pm on Sunday.

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