Top 10 reasons why you'll remember the Chiefs game

Eric Moulds will be in the house.

It's been said that Sammy Watkins is the best Bills wide receiver since Eric Moulds, and Moulds will have a chance to watch his apparent successor first-hand on Sunday when he returns to Buffalo to serve as the Leader of the Charge. Look for the beloved number 80 presiding over the tunnel as the Bills take the field!

The Ralph will be rocking

There are eight home games at the Ralph this year, and let's just say the first four have been loud enough to bring the house down. After an away game and the bye week, we know you Bills fans have your Zubaz set out, your coolers packed, your grills assembled, and are ready to rumble on Sunday. A lot is on the line, so let's make it the loudest yet!

We meet the Chiefs…again.

Doesn't it almost seem like the Chiefs are in our division? This will be the third year in a row the Bills have hosted the Chiefs in Buffalo, and the 7th (7th!?!) year in a row that the two teams have played based on the NFL's scheduling formula. Last year's loss at home was memorable, and here's hoping this year's win at home will be too.

We could play the matching game.

With another win, the Bills will match their win total from last season…and we're only a little over halfway through. With number six under our belts, lucky seven will be dangling out there in front of us like a carrot on a stick, but unlike in the cartoons, we're catching up with it.

We'll Salute to Service…


As part of the NFL's Salute to Service initiative, the Bills will hold a number of memorable moments before and during Sunday’s game. Be sure to be in your seats early as 10 members each from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard will be honored for their service during the singing of God Bless America. An Oath Reaffirmation Ceremony will take place on-field at halftime for 50 soldiers through the New York National Guard, and at the third quarter break, two additional soldiers selected by the New York National Guard will be welcomed to the field for recognition of their service. Bills players will wear National Guard decals on their helmets throughout the game, and the game ball delivery will be completed by a New York National Guard member.

…In a big way.


When we say big, we mean BIG. A full-field American flag will be unveiled by 150 members of the New York National Guard for the singing of the national anthem. If all the other pregame festivities aren't reason enough to get through the gates early – they open at 11:30 – and into your seats, we're sure the full-field flag is. It will be a powerful moment.

The team is reloaded.

Revived. Refocused. Refueled. Re-energized. Renewed. Recharged. Reactive. Reloaded. All words that describe the team coming out of a restful (there's another "re" word) bye week. We're sure it'll pay dividends on the field on Sunday.

It's an oh-so-meaningful game.

We're only halfway through the season, and the AFC playoff race is looking tight. The Chiefs are 5-3, we're 5-3, and many other teams who might be fighting for the same Wild Card spot are right there in the mix with us. Games like these are crucial to get ahead and remain ahead of the pack.

A few Texans will be reunited.


Though they overlapped only ever-so-slightly during their time at the University of Texas, the Longhorn connection is strong between Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles, Bills S Aaron Williams and Bills WR Marquise Goodwin. Hook 'em, Bills.

The weather outside might be frightful.


But Bills fans are so delightful. 'Tis the season for a little inclement weather at the Ralph! Are any Bills fans backing down? No way. While the fans of other teams stay inside and watch their team's game on TV in a cimate-controlled environment (well, that does sound nice – no, stay focused!) Bills fans are braving the chilly temps and precipitation because they know their team needs them there. Forecasts don't exaclty look summery, to put it nicely, for the Chiefs game, but we know the stands will be packed and the Ralph will be loud because that's what Bills fans are all about.

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