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Top 3 Rex Ryan quotes - Sept. 21


**On players and coaches controlling their emotions during a game

**"I'm recognizing that we've got to have that controlled emotion and that (controlled) aggression. The bigger the game the more calm you've got to be. I think we've got to realize, hey let's play the game. We want to be as physical a football team as there is in the league. We've always said that, but we want to do it within the confinement of the rules. I think we've got to learn from that and make it to where the penalties are in our favor, not the other way. It's hard to play against a good football team and also overcome penalties. Number one that's the first thing we've got to get better at."

On being mentally prepared if you have to step in for an injured starter"Sometimes when you step in as a replacement player—you have to know your job.  If you don't know your job, how can I trust you?  I can't play you.  You're killing us.  You're either going to do it or I'm going to find somebody else. Because the level of play for the guy coming up, like Bacarri Rambo when he stepped in last week, after one play—he did an outstanding job. But you've got to be ready to go, mentally you have to be ready to go at all times. If you go in as a replacement, and you're not—then you're hurting the team. It has to maintain a certain level. Mentally, you have to be prepared."

On Aaron Williams condition after being taken to hospital in the third quarter"Aaron was in the building today so he was cleared from the hospital so that was real encouraging. He's stiff and sore right now and he's got a brace on his neck. We'll see how it progresses. Thank goodness that he was cleared so he's doing okay."

Photos of the action from Week 2's Bills vs. Patriots game at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

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