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Top 3 things to know from Day 6 at Bills Camp


**1 - Streater separating

Check out photos from the sixth practice of 2017 Bills Training Camp, presented by Connors & Ferris.

**There's a jumble of receivers behind Bills top wide out Sammy Watkins. Although Andre Holmes and rookie Zay Jones have seen the most reps at the number two and number three spots through the first week of camp, there's another receiver who has begun to separate himself from the rest of the pack.

Sixth-year wideout Rod Streater has turned in a strong first week of play and it continued on Wednesday.

"I feel comfortable. This is my second go round. Coming into OTAs I was in pretty late and didn't really have the playbook down pat," Streater said. "But coming into camp I feel like I know the plays and I'm really comfortable. The quarterbacks have been putting the ball on the money. They've been doing a great job of getting me the ball and allowing me to make a play."

Streater made four catches on the day and while they weren't all eye popping, each of them were noteworthy.

His first came in the first 11-on-11 team segment and with his QB T.J. Yates under pressure, he broke off his route and cut back to the sideline where Yates hit him before he stepped out of bounds for an 18-yard pickup.

Yates found him again later in practice where he pulled in a ball over the middle on a crossing route as he slipped through what looked like a zone coverage for a 20-yard gain. Unfortunately he slipped at the end of the play and landed awkwardly on his hip.

He stepped out briefly, but returned to make another reception where he was able to get yards after the catch as Yates put the ball in front of Streater so he could pull it in at full speed.

He wrapped up his day with a difficult catch underneath on a crossing route. The ball was down by his shins, but the 6-3 receiver got low and made a nice hands catch and took off for the sideline afterwards. He did fall on his hip again, which clearly hurt, but he walked off under his own power.

"I just landed on my hip. On the second catch I landed on it again," Streater said. "I'm good though. I'm just a little sore. The coaches decided to hold me back a little bit the rest of the day."

Streater seems to know where the soft spots in the zone coverages are while also showing an ability to get separation against man coverage. His quarterbacks are already making a point to look for him.

"They've been giving me shots," he said. "The way you build trust is to come down with the ball and continue to make plays. That's my focus. Anytime the ball is in the air I want to come down with it and put confidence in the coaches and put confidence in the quarterbacks."

2 - Two minute drill goes to the defenseWednesday's practice saw some two-minute drill work for first, second and third team players. Each were faced with different drive starts and time left on the clock. The defense wound up winning on all three drives.

Tyrod Taylor and the starting offense had just over a minute and a half starting at their own 20 and moved the ball. Taylor made heavy use of his tight ends hitting Charles Clay and Nick O'Leary twice each for moderate gains. Taylor also found Sammy Watkins for a 10-yard hook up to get a first down.

With 30 seconds left and the ball on the defense's 44-yard line, Taylor hit O'Leary for his second catch of the drive and a first down. That was followed by a spike to stop the clock with 15 seconds remaining. The offense then ran a run play to center the ball at the 40-yard line and spiked it again to set up undrafted rookie Austin Rehkow for a 58-yard attempt.

It apparently is in his range as his distance on the kick was good, but it tailed to the right and was wide to that side, no good.

The second unit, under the direction of T.J. Yates, had just 25 seconds left at their own 20 with two timeouts. Their first timeout had to be used after the first play as the right side of the offensive line was run over with Jerel Worthy and Eddie Yarbrough combining for a sack and a 10-yard loss.

Yates hit Philly Brown on the next play for a 15-yard pickup, but Yates had to throw it away on third down and then was sacked again by Lorenzo Alexander on fourth down with two seconds left on the clock.

The third team offense didn't fare much better. With a minute on the clock and a 1st-and-10 at their own 40, there appeared to be plenty of time to do some damage. Nate Peterman hit Brandon Reilly in the left flat on first down and he got out of bounds to stop the clock.

But on second down, Peterman's pass intended for Dez Lewis was picked off on the right side by Leonard Johnson to end the drive.

3 - Hyde and Ola injuredThe Bills had a couple of players leave practice early after getting shaken up during the morning session. OT Michael Ola suffered a hip injury after he kicked out on a run play to the left and got awkwardly rolled up. He walked to the locker room under his own power, but was noticeably limping. He's listed as day-to-day.

Micah Hyde made the most acrobatic interception of training camp on a throw by Tyrod Taylor intended for Charles Clay. Hyde dove through the air to make the pick, and landed hard on his hip and left shoulder as he landed. He was listed with a hip injury, but he returned to the field before practice was over, though he wasn't allowed to take any snaps the rest of the day.

"It was an overthrown ball and I was trying to go make a play," Hyde told "I was able to come up with it. Our coaches stress coming out of the middle of the field a lot and that's what I was trying to do. They've been putting us through drills so I was trying to incorporate that in the play and I did. I feel good. I just came down a little hard on the ground. I'll be alright. That's football."

Bonus notesStephen Hauschka's kicking looks effortless even from long distance. During the situational period early in practice he had to kick from 53, 54 and 49 yards in succession and made it look easy. The 6-4 Hauschka has such a smooth and easy swing on his kicks that it never appears like he's trying to bash the ball. He was also good on all four of his attempts during a special teams segment from between 29 and 42 yards.

Charles Clay had perhaps his most active day of camp as he was a frequent target of Tyrod Taylor and looked to have a good burst in making yards after the catch. He had five receptions on the day.

Lorenzo Alexander saw some of his first work as a subpackage defensive end. He ran with the second team off the right side and got a sack on T.J. Yates to end the second two-minute drill segment.

Richie Incognito got a veteran's day off Wednesday. Replacing him at left guard was Vladimir Ducasse.

Shamiel Gary was the safety who replaced Micah Hyde in the starting lineup after he stepped out of practice with his hip injury.

Dion Dawkins worked at left tackle for the first time in training camp as he spelled Cordy Glenn during the two-minute drill late in practice. It's possible they don't want to put Glenn's ankle through that many reps in rapid succession just yet.

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