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Top 3 things to know from Day 8 at Bills training camp

Stefon Diggs (14). Buffalo Bills Training Camp, August 24, 2020. Photo by Bill Wippert
Stefon Diggs (14). Buffalo Bills Training Camp, August 24, 2020. Photo by Bill Wippert

1. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs work on connection, Cam Lewis defensive standout

The Bills have four practices left in training camp before they wrap-up on Sunday and begin in-season practices on Monday to prep for Week 1. Quarterback Josh Allen said yesterday that his timing with Stefon Diggs is "getting there." The two worked quite a bit on that timing today in practice. Here's what you need to know from Tuesday.


LB Corey Thompson was the only new addition to the injury list today. Thompson missed today's practice with knee soreness.

RB Taiwan Jones (knee), CB Josh Norman (hamstring), RB Christian Wade (quad), FB Pat DiMarco (neck), TE Tommy Sweeney (foot) and OG Jon Feliciano (chest) did not practice today.

WR John Brown had a veteran rest day.


  • The first team period started off with a heavy dose of Stefon Diggs action. Diggs was targeted three times in a row and didn't drop a pass from Josh Allen. The pair had a crisp connection with each other today. Getting the timing and connection with each other to become muscle memory has been at the top of their list. Allen explained yesterday the timing is on the right track and will improve once they begin watching film together. In a later team period Diggs caught four straight passes from Allen. Diggs finished off the day with a nice catch in traffic with Tre'Davious White and Matt Milano in coverage. I can't wait to watch these two in Week 1.
  • Rookies Gabriel Davis and Isaiah Hodgins each made a few catches today. Hodgins caught a pass from Jake Fromm where he used his 6'3 frame as an advantage, leaping into the air to pull it down.
  • Cole Beasley had an impressive reception from Allen near the sidelines. Beasley pulled it in right before he hit the ground.
  • Cam Lewis stood out defensively today. Lewis was targeted on back-to-back plays in the first team period going up against Isaiah McKenzie. On the first play Lewis tightly covered McKenzie, which resulted in a drop. On the second play Lewis remained on McKenzie who made the catch, but Lewis forced a fumble and the defense recovered the ball. Practice ended with Lewis almost intercepting a ball from Jake Fromm.

Scroll through to see the best practice photos from Day 8 of Bills Training Camp, presented by Connors and Ferris.


  • There's not one play that took over the day like Andre Roberts' touchdown reception from yesterday. What got me hyped from today was watching Allen and Diggs work with each other play after play. These two want to make sure the connection with each other is a lock before they take the field on September 13. It's encouraging to watch, too. They look like they're at a great spot with more than two weeks till kickoff.


  • Cam Lewis had an impressive day of practice. He gets the hustle award for how he covered receivers today. On back-to-back plays Lewis gave the advantage to the defense. He showcased his competitive nature and athleticism by forcing a turnover and almost producing an interception.


  • Tyler Bass kicked today and made all seven field goal attempts. Bass' long came from about 50 yards. Stephen Hauschka did not kick today. Yesterday, Hauschka made all five of his field goal attempts.

2. How Gabriel Davis is learning from veteran wide receivers

If you've been reading these practice notes, you already know rookie receiver Gabriel Davis has had a great camp for a first-timer. Davis spoke to the media for the first time during camp and came off as someone who completely fits the DNA of this team. The rookie discussed how his teammates are helping him learn the playbook and detailed how his skillset can benefit the team.

Davis said he has learned a lot from the older wide receivers because of their shared experiences. This motivates Davis to make plays for his new teammates.

"I learn every day from these guys in their certain positions across the board," Davis said. "But I also know their background as well. And I know that they were in the same situation I was in, if not a worse situation. These guys have all been in the same shoes. I feel like that's what makes them so helpful in wanting to show me how it is to get to their level. 

"So I just want to perform great for them. It's not really I don't want to make a mistake in front of them and discourage them, but it's like I see the opportunity. I want to make them happy to see young guy making plays by what they're teaching. So it's all fun, I love playing with these guys. It's not like I'm scared to not perform well in front of them. I know I will because I want to put them on my back for sure when it comes time."

When the time comes, the coaching staff wants Davis to use his size to make contested catches.

3. Why working together before training camp has helped Isaiah Hodgins and Gabriel Davis

Gabriel Davis said he and Isaiah Hodgins worked together learning the playbook by making several notecards to remember plays. The two noted the difference maker was having the opportunity to work with several teammates in-person before training camp began. 

Hodgins said they came into camp ahead of schedule thanks to taking reps with the vets.

"It's different when you're going over the playbook over Zoom," Hodgins said. "You think you have it, but then when you're actually out there on the field and you're learning--running the route like this, or actually being able to get in and out of your break this way, or this is how fast this route is going to be, this is a split,  this is where you line up. 

"And actually just going over all that stuff in person really helped, especially before training camp. We didn't get to training camp like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do. We kind of just came in and then we started to perfect our craft. Now we can actually focus on our technique and everything since we really already know the playbook and stuff. I feel like that's been a huge help for us."

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