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Top 5 reasons to get fired up for Bills-Browns Week 10


5. Hey-ey-ey-ey…

Less than 200 miles separate Buffalo from Cleveland, so you know what that means – Bills fans will be in the house! After making headlines all season for taking over opposing cities, it will come as little surprise to see red, white and blue filling the seats on Sunday or to hear the "Shout Song" echoing through the crowd. While expected, it never gets old. Home to the Cleveland Bills Backers, a popular area chapter, Cleveland is a perfect road trip for Bills faithful.

Fans heading to the game can will undoubtedly feel welcomed by droves of other Bills supporters on the scene. Some, including well known superfan "Pinto Ron," have already arrived, documenting their travel on social media. To find a Bills Backers Chapter near you, visit here.

As the Bills prepare to play on the road against the Cleveland Browns, scroll through to view photos from previous matchups between the two opponents.

4. Acing the midterm exam

The Browns may be 2-6, but it's certainly not for lack of talent. A star-studded cast on both sides of the ball, will make this a tough test for the 6-2 Bills. Armed with weapons like wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., defensive end Myles Garrett and several other talented players, it will take a true Bills team effort to get the job done.

"Absolutely. They're a team like you said, it's got a lot talent, guys that play really hard," said head coach Sean McDermott. "I don't really think their record dictates who they are as a team. I think they're very talented team, they're a really good team. When they get things and put together in the right way, I'm sure the record's gonna start turning around here. But we got to go out there, gotta execute. Each week we're trying to take it the same way, trying to go 1-0."

3. The rookie is ready to roll

Devin "Motor" Singletary has given fans a lot to be excited about in his first season on the job. Electrifying when he shoots out of the backfield, Singletary makes his presence known each time his name is called. Averaging an astounding 7.12 yards per touch a league best for players with a minimum of 50 touches, Motor is just getting started. Up against a Browns defense that is giving up 141.3 rushing yards on average, the rookie will have another opportunity to make a difference.

2. Josh Allen. Baker Mayfield.

Members of the talent-packed 2018 NFL Draft class, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield have been a hot topic long before they even suited up for an NFL game. Routinely analyzed to see how their progress stacks up with the other signal callers from the same year, Allen and Mayfield are no strangers to one another or the interest they generate around the NFL. However, for Allen, this isn't a storyline he's focusing on.

"I got to meet him and know him during the draft process and whatnot and spend some time with him there," Allen said earlier this week. "He's a very competitive dude and he's gonna be bringing that fire on Sunday. At the same time, as much people want to talk about that type of matchup, I'm not planning against Baker [Mayfield]. It's the Bills playing against the Browns and our offense against their defense and vice versa. That's what we're focused on this week."

1. Heating up

The Bills offense has been effective in a very important area of the field this season – the red zone. In fact, the Bills red zone attack is the highest in the league at 71.4%. Paving the way for his squad has been Allen, who currently ranks second in both red zone passer rating at 115.4 and completion percentage at 70%. As they look to advance to 7-2 for the first time since 1993, the Bills will prepare to strike while the iron is hot, capitalizing on red zone trips.

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