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Transcript: Chris Hairston

On being a three-year starter and how he came along at Clemson as a tackle:

Coming in, I wasn't highly recruited. Coach took a chance on me and I was able to get in to a program with a great o-line coach and a whole lot of great talent. I was able to grow every year, try to get better and better. It took a lot of work and I really had to learn how to play the game of football. I was very raw when I first got there. Now, a lot of hard work has paid off and I'm excited to be coming up to Buffalo and playing. 

On his football intelligence and if it came easy to diagnose things on the fly:

It didn't come easy at all. I had a coach that taught me how to watch film, how to recognize different situations and it took a long time for me to actually pick it up. But I was able to recognize things before they happened and it just helped the game go by a half a second slower. You just have to have that in order to be able to pick up those stunts, blitzes, twists and all that.

On his Wonderlic Test score:

I don't. I can't remember what I got on it. I remember the first time I took it I was scored in the 30-something. I did pretty good on it... I tried to do the best I could.

On if he feels his run or pass blocking is any better than the other:

I feel I have a lot of work to do on my game, but I felt in my pass blocking I did a great job coming along throughout my career. I was able to go against great defensive ends. My freshman year we had Gaines Adams there. I went against our scout team and we had Da'Quan Bowers come in, played a few years with him. We had Ricky Sapp, I went against him my freshman year, so that's something that really came along. And I had to in order to survive in team drills, one-on-ones and team pass and all that so I'm going to take a lot of pride on my pass blocking ability.

On being able to block for former Clemson teammate RB C.J. Spiller in Buffalo:

It's going to bring back good old times just having a guy with that much talent in the backfield. I've seen what he was able to do on the field and witness him make game breaking plays. It's just going to be good to get back with him and play ball with some people I have played ball with in the past.

On not having to block for long with the ball in Spiller's hands:

All he needs is a little sliver and he can squeeze through there and hit a home run. Having that type of ability helps across the line.

On if he spent time at right tackle:

I didn't play a whole lot at right tackle. My first start in college came at right tackle… and then I played a little bit my redshirt sophomore year on both sides. I was sort of a swing tackle. The only other right tackle outside of that I played was against George Tech. They had a guy in Derrick Morgan who was sort of burning up in the first half. So I switched over and I was able to hold him off.

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