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Transcript: Chris White

On his impression of Coach Gailey and the Bills coaching staff at the Senior Bowl:

They definitely worked hard down there. I got to meet the linebackers coach. Chan Gailey seems like a real cool head coach. Like I said, they definitely have a work hard first (mentality) and want to win.

On if he feels better at inside or outside linebacker:

No, not really. I Played both mic and will and got the job done at both positions. Whatever position they want me to play, and I know I'm going to come in there and have to play special teams which I'm okay with that. Just come in there, work hard and just try to get better every day.

On the feedback he received from the Bills coaching staff in Mobile, AL:

They really didn't give too much feedback. It was kind of a fast week. They said play as hard as you can and talked about special teams a lot whenever I come into the NFL and I might have to play that just to make a roster.

On being described as a hard-nosed player and his style of play:

I'll agree with that completely. All out effort every play and try to get to the ball and make plays every time I get a chance to.

On what his journey has been like since Junior College:

I've always been underrated. Coming out of high school I didn't have any scholarships. And coming out of junior college there weren't really many scholarships… this NFL process, not many people gave me a chance... I'm just excited to come to Buffalo and just try to make the roster.

On what his expectations were this weekend and what he was doing:

I've really been watching the draft. I actually just jumped in the swimming pool for about 30 seconds. Then I got a phone call and my Grandma handed me the phone. It was a number I didn't know and I said Thank God.

On why he thinks he was lightly recruited out of high school:

I went to a small school. Our school really isn't highly recruited. I felt like I had a pretty good senior season but I didn't get highly recruited. I went the junior college route which ended up being a good thing for me. It just always seems like I'm under-recruited.

On how he can recognize run and pass plays so easily:

I just feel like I can read like it's kind of obvious… kind of easy to read between run and pass.

On if he ever felt like he couldn't play Division 1 football:

No, sir. I kind of had in the back of my head the whole time when I was at junior college that I could. I really didn't talk about it a lot but I knew I wanted to go to – not necessarily at an SEC school – but I knew it was Division 1 somewhere. I just had to wait on the scholarship to come.

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