Transcript: Cordy Glenn

On his reaction to being picked by the Bills:

I am happy. One I get to play left tackle and two Buffalo is one of my favorite teams. I am just happy I get to play football. I know where I am playing at now. It is a big relief.

On why he is excited to play for the Bills:

The coach. I like the coaching staff. I like the offensive line coach (Joe D'Alessandris). I like the way he coaches, so (Buffalo) was definitely a big favorite of mine.

On having to wait until the second round to be drafted:

I wish I could have got off early but I am just happy to be picked right now. It is a big honor.

On his development as a left tackle:

I would just say that I came out to a slower start. And then I got better as the season went on as I got more comfortable out there. I still do not think I have played my best game out there.

On if he was afraid of being drafted by a team who did not view him as a tackle:

I think with my athletic ability it would be hard for a team to pass that up.

On how pleased he is that the Bills view him as a left tackle:

I am extremely pleased and ready to start just focusing on football again. Get off of this process that is finally over. I am excited about it.

On if the Bills told him during meetings that they viewed him as a left tackle:

They thought I could play tackle but I am just going to go in there and try out the vibe. I'll help out at whatever position they need me to play, honestly.

On the Bills having a need at left tackle:

It is (exciting). That is the whole point. I am excited to go out there and play. I am ready for it.

On if he was at home:

Yeah, I am at home.

On if he felt that he might be drafted earlier:

Yeah, I did actually. But things happen for a reason. I am just happy to be with the Bills.

On if it was a big disappointment he was not drafted earlier:

I would not say that. I am pretty happy with the team I got picked by.

On his reaction when the phone rang and it was the Bills:

Extremely happy. I talked to Chan (Gailey) first. I talked to Buddy (Nix). Very happy. Probably the happiest moment of my life.

On what he brings to the table aside from his size:

Beside my size: versatility, quickness, strength power, everything the whole nine.

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