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Transcript: Da'Norris Searcy

On being selected by the Buffalo Bills:

It's just a whole bunch of excitement right now. I'm so glad to be part of the organization. I'm eager to get in and get ready and just basically get going.

On how he would describe himself as a safety:

I'm an aggressive safety. I love to come up, play in the box. I can play back in the middle of the field. I'm an excellent tackler and I just enjoy the game.

On if he is more of a strong safety:

I can play either. But I'd love to be a strong safety also.

On the Bills liking his versatility and if he views that as an asset of his:

Yes, sir because I could also play nickel and in some packages at North Carolina I was like a hybrid linebacker. I could also return punts and kicks as well, so that's an added value.

On having to miss a few games at North Carolina:

There was a tutor that was accused of doing the player's work and I had worked with them my sophomore year. So, pretty much if you had any connection with her they put us under the same umbrella. They withheld us out of a game out of precaution because they didn't want to play us and if it came back where were violating the rules then they would have to end up forfeiting games. I wasn't suspended. I was just withheld until they got information cleared. And then they had to get in contact with a professor that I had my sophomore year to get everything cleared up. They called her and at the time he was studying abroad in Africa. And the case that was against me was that I got help on an outline for a final exam. And the school thought I couldn't get help on it because it was a final exam. But it was never stated on the syllabus and the teacher never said we wouldn't get any help. So when they finally got in contact with the professor I had already missed three games. And the professor told them since it was never stated on the syllabus and that she didn't tell us we couldn't get any help then they shouldn't hold it against me. And I was cleared on the spot.

On if it was tough to go through:

It was kind of frustrating because I knew I didn't do anything wrong. But I can't get mad at the University because they were just doing it out of precaution. They didn't want the rest of the team to suffer and I didn't want the team to suffer either if anything came back that it was a violation. So, I understood that I had to be sat out and be held out until everything was cleared. And once everything was cleared I was good to go.

On what he thinks the biggest adjustment is that he will have to make going into the NFL:More so the tempo of the game and being able to get up there and earn it because I'm starting over again. I was familiar at North Carolina but now I have to re-establish myself because I'm going into an organization where they have proven vets. I have to prove myself to the vets as well as the coaches.

On coming into the box and stuffing the run:

I loved it because I have a linebacker background. I played linebacker all through high school, so I still have a little bit of the mentality in me. Being able to come up and support the run is very important to me.

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