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Transcript: HC Gailey, DT K. Williams, WR Johnson

Head Coach Chan Gailey

PM Session – Saturday, August 4, 2012

On what happened to RB Fred Jackson today:

He got stepped on or his ankle got twisted yesterday slightly, so we just held him today. He will be ready to go Monday.

On if DE Chris Kelsay, who has missed a few days, is OK:

Yea. It is a groin that got him. We have had several groins. That is the injury of all, so to speak. We will try to nurse all these guys back. We are supposed to get a bunch of them back Monday.

On if DT Kyle Williams is one of those guys:

Yea but he finished. That was a slight one today and he finished.

On what he thought of today's live goal-line session to end practice:

I thought it was a gut check. It is not hot by a lot of people's standards, but by these standards it is hot. So I thought our guys sucked it up, went out and practiced hard. I thought they gave good effort. And hopefully it will pay dividends for us in the long run.

On what extra measures are taken on a day as hot as today:

Well we took two breaks in practice, which I never take a break in practice, first ones we have taken. So we took two breaks in practice and made sure we kept them hydrated. And we try to do a lot of preliminary stuff with getting them hydrated during the course of the day before they even come out here to practice.

On if today's practice shed light on the D-line's potential to be a dominant run-stopping unit:

I think so, but I have to go look at the film. You do not know if it was mistakes offensively or if it was that good defensively. I just do not know until I get to the film. But I know that is not a big worry of mine, whether our defensive line will be able to hold up against the run.

On how impressive the new additions on defense have been thus far in camp:

Everything has fit together very well for us defensively. All the newcomers have done a good job of stepping in, playing their role and doing what they need to do. It has been as smooth a transition as you could probably ask for.

On if WR Stevie Johnson sat today because tomorrow is an off day or is his injury more serious:

No he will be back Monday. It is just we have a day off tomorrow and we did not want to chance it. So he will be back Monday.

On if anything came to light about DT Kellen Heard's ankle:

No. There was nothing major that they missed. It was what they thought originally and it is just taking a lot longer. Again, he is one they say we will get back and get to start working with on Monday.

On DT Torell Troup not being at practice at all today:

They kept him in today. He had a bad day yesterday and they kept him inside today.

On his assessment of the goal-line period:

Defense won five to three. And that is the assessment because you either win or lose down there. There is no between, there are no first downs. There is nothing. You either score or you do not. So I thought it was a good session. I thought our guys wanted to hit. They have been wanting to go live for a long time, but this was the first time they were able to do it. And it was good. It was good for everybody.

On what he is finding out about the other wide receivers with Stevie Johnson and David Nelson out:

That they do not know everything as well as maybe I thought they did, or hoped they did. I think that we have a lot of work to do to get them up to speed to where David (Nelson) and Stevie (Johnson) are. We have a lot of work to do there to find the right combination of people if we get injuries here or there. And they have got to do it. Somebody has got to step up and fit into those spots.

On how concerned he is about that:

I am not worried about it now because we have done it before. But we are further advanced than we have been in the past. So we have got to get up to speed in a hurry to catch up with (QB Ryan Fitzpatrick) Fitz.

On if there is any consideration of putting OL Cordy Glenn at right tackle:

We had (LT Chris) Hairston and he has played right before. Cordy is a guy that needs every snap at left tackle he can get. So we are just leaving him there and letting him take every rep there.

On if the players have to stay on campus for their off day:

No they are free to go. They will be back tomorrow afternoon late.

DT Kyle Williams

PM Practice – Saturday, August 4, 2010

On the heat and live period of practice:

We have hot games and you got to get out here and push through it. And I think the end of practice was a good thing for us. To get out there and have a live period and get some real competition when it is in the mid-90s and get some legs under us

On why he had his leg wrapped:

I have a little something going on but it is just precautionary and not to let it get any worse. I will have a day off and I should be fine.

On if it's a strain or groin deal:

Groin deal.

On what kind of precautions are taken to prevent any accidents due to the hot weather.

I think guys here take care of their body's pretty well, drinking, getting their fluids in and eating the right way. So I do not think, with the amount of reps that we are going, we should not see anything.* *

On the new defensive ends Mario Williams and Mark Anderson:

I think we are all encouraged by what they are doing. Obviously the great players have made a lot of plays in the past. (We) added them to our defense and we are glad to have them. We are just taught about building every day and we still have a long way to go until we get to September but we are getting there.* *

On being a good runner:

Well we have to be if we want to rush the passer. I think that is something that we have got into trouble with in the past; we gave them pressure, but how long does it take to run a third and three route? That is the kind of yardage that you are giving up; third and five or less. If you can get them at third and seven, third and six, third and eight, that is when you are able to bring some pressure and I think we have to keep doing that.* *

On having the live period in camp:

It is good. I think it is good to get out here and hit. I think it was a good gut check there at the end of practice. With the heat and pushing through all day and then getting out there and going live it was good for us and good to get some weariness on your legs and seeing if you can push through.

On playing next to DT Marcell Dareus:

He is doing good. We have to keep working with him on what he is looking at and what he is seeing pre-snap. He is going to get there for sure.

WR Stevie Johnson

AM Walk-Thru – August 4, 2012

On his groin:

We will go inside to the training room and reevaluate what is going on and how it felt just with the little walk-thru. Then we will go from there. I am not sure if I will sit this afternoon or be practicing.

On if it is frustrating to have the other side injured after going through surgery (groin):

Yes I guess it is natural to feel that way. To go through an entire season with a torn groin and then you go get it surgically repaired and then you come back the next year and it is the other groin. But they say, talk to the players, that that usually happens when you get work done on one side you seem to overcompensate with the other side and things end up happening. I think it is a good thing that we caught it early and nothing popped or anything so I think it will be fine for the rest of camp.

On being smart and sitting out a few of practices:

Yes for the most part. That is what they are saying. I do not want to miss this because this is the time where we really get it in and work hard and come together and knowing that I missed the OTAs I think it would be great for me to be out there. But at the same time we do want to be smart because we have a long season.

On the dropped balls in practice; is it mental or physical?

It is a little bit of both. It has been tough. We have been out here with it being about our fifth day now just going at it in the heat. I think it is both mental and physical because there are other teams out there doing the same thing so you cannot really let the weather, or what not, or training camp period, play a role. You just have to be more mentally tough but days like that happen.

On if he thinks the passing game is progressing as fast as expected: Yes I definitely think this passing game is pretty on point especially with the new editions like Derek Hagan. He was here last year but he was not really as involved as much and I think he has been playing well. I think T.J. (Graham) has been great as a rookie; things are starting to slow down for him and I really like what I am seeing out of him. David Clowney is also looking good for a new edition to the team. So I think we will be straight.

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