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Transcript: Head coach Chan Gailey

Head Coach Chan Gailey

Thursday, September 13, 2012

On how DT Marcell Dareus is doing:

I am sure he is hurting. Just the short period of time we had a conversation I could tell he was hurting, but he is being strong.

On when Dareus arrived back to Buffalo:

Around lunch.

On if Dareus fully participated in practice:


On if Dareus is staying in Buffalo or if he will head back home at any point:

I do not know that exactly. I think he is going back after the game. I think that is the plan.

On what it means for Dareus to have come back so quickly:

I thought one of our players stated it very well. He said that there is 60 family members here too, 60 brothers here that care for him and that just want to try to help him get through it. He felt a responsibility to be back here, knowing he had responsibilities there. I think everybody is going to work to make sure that it all goes as smoothly as possible. It cannot go smooth, but as smoothly as possible.

On if the rest of the team made it through practice healthy:

Everybody practiced.

On if RT Erik Pears is fully healthy:

He is still working back. We are still going to probably alternate those guys (Chris Hairston and Pears).

On CB Justin Rogers hamstring:

It looks like it to me. I have not seen any issues. He still gets treatment and stuff like that, but I have not seen any issues on the field and he has not missed a rep of practice.

On if Rogers will be limited on Sunday and if he does play, will he play at the nickel:

Possibly but we have to see how this week goes. You have to go through a week of practice and get some reps there and see how it looks. Then we will make a decision whether or not to put him in there or not put him in there. He was in position before all this injury. He was playing there and doing pretty well. We have to give him an opportunity to get back on the field somehow.

On the job Rogers did last season at the nickel:

He did a good job the little he did in that spot. I think we want to try to see what he can do there.

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