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Transcript: Head coach Chan Gailey


(On what C.J. Spiller's status is)- "Don't know right now, they're going to do more tests tomorrow. He's out for a week or two, but I don't know how extensive it is."

(On if the momentum was lost when Spiller went down)- "Well, we had to rethink some things there and really we got another drive going and that's where the ball slipped out of Fitz's (Ryan Fitzpatrick) hands.  If we could have gotten that one in there I think we could have gotten some of that momentum back and gotten it rolling there.  We had to adjust a couple things and then we got (Tashard) Choice rolling."

(On Choice's effort)- "Great effort.  I think we all knew what kind of back he was.  I think we all knew what he brought to our football team.  Nobody else did because we've got two marquee guys.  It's great to have a guy like that on your football team that can go in and play the way he played, run the football, protect the football on a wet day and play special teams."

(On how that speaks volumes about the offensive line)- "Yeah, great job by them.  They are so physical.  We were able to block.  The teams we've played so far are pretty good so that's a credit to them and the job they're doing.  The coaching staff did a great job today of getting them all ready to play too."

(On the team locking up Trent Richardson pretty good)-"Yeah we did.  That was one of the things that we talked about and made a big deal about this week was not letting him out of there, controlling him, making them throw the football. It worked kind of like we thought it would. (Brandon)  Weeden made some good plays, but we got some sacks and we stopped the run and we played great third down defense.  If you can do that, you're going to play pretty good defense in this league."

(On attacking the Browns' respectable defense)- "They've got a good defense.  I called them relentless earlier in the week and that's what they are.  They've got some good players and they roll a bunch of good football players through there.  I'm telling you, they've got to be one of the better 0-3 because I thought they were a tough defense, especially to run against and our guys did a good job."

(On if he has thoughts about moving forward with Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller out with their biggest division rival coming up next week)- "No, I've got 24 hours.  Let me enjoy this for 24-hours (joking).  I'll think about it, don't get me wrong, I'll think about it, but we're going to enjoy this for 24 hours and we'll reevaluate everything and see where we are."

(On if Spiller has a broken collar bone)- "No."

(On if Spiller's injury will be long term)- "I don't believe it's long, long term.  If he misses a week that's long for me.  I think he's going to be out for sure this week and then we'll see where he goes from there."

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