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Transcript: John Potter Teleconference

On his reaction to being selected by the Buffalo Bills:

I am stunned. I am excited. I never could have thought I would get drafted and would be able to play for a team like the Buffalo Bills.

On what he was doing when he was drafted:

I was watching. I have been talking to Coach (Bruce) DeHaven, so I saw the Bills down there with the third to last spot. I saw that but I never thought it would have been me. I was in shock when I got the call.

On how much pre-draft contact he had with the Bills:

I have been talking to Coach DeHaven over the phone. He has been telling me that they are interested in how strong my leg was and they wanted me to come in.

On how strong his leg is and if he can kick the ball out of the end zone:

Yeah, I can kick the ball out of the end zone. Especially moving up five yards from college. I think any team that can consistently kick it out saves you from good returners. So I think I can really provide something to the Buffalo Bills.

On how often he kicked the ball out of the end zone at Western Michigan:

This past season I had 36 touchbacks, which was about 43 or 44 percent.

On his place kicking:

My field goal place kicking was not as good as I would like. I have been working with that a lot. I have gone to a couple of different coaches and have improved immensely since the season.

On what he attributes his strong leg to:

I started out playing soccer but I always knew I wanted to play football. So once seventh grade hit and I could start playing middle school football, I started doing that. And then eventually, getting into freshman year of high school, we had kick try outs and I had the strongest leg. So I have just been working on it ever since.

On how he ended up playing at Western Michigan:

I got a scholarship offer. That was my only scholarship offer out of high school so I went there and then I loved that experience. It was a great time kicking for a MAC school.

On if he kicked off all four years at Western Michigan:

Yeah, I kicked off and was the place kicker all four years.

On his favorite NFL team was before being drafted:

I grew up cheering for the (Detroit) Lions but now my allegiances have changed. So I am looking forward to playing for the Bills.

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