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Transcript: Johnny White

On if he felt like he might be waiting to be picked:

I wasn't really sure where or when I'd go. It was just the motto, when I go saying hopefully it's the best situation for me and I just feel like God has a plan for me. Wherever he puts me, that's where I'll be a good fit. 

On UNC Coach Davis' approach with him:

I think he just saw my versatility and felt like I could help in a lot of different places. He asked me to do some things on the team when we had lack of depth at a position and I was willing to do it. I just trusted what they were saying.

On if he feels most comfortable at running back:

Yea, actually I played my high school career at running back and I came in as a running back to Carolina. And then I just got switched around a little bit when I was there. But I feel comfortable at running back.

On how he would describe his running style:

I think it's balanced. I try to not really dance around, one cut and positive yards. Always fall forward and I think I have some explosiveness also.

On having natural hands and if his receiving game came easy:

On my high school team, a few years I was a leading receiver as a running back on the team. Even when I first got to Carolina I always had decent hands and I felt like that's helped me throughout my career.

On the talent at North Carolina:

I think so, so far we've had seven selected. When Coach Davis and them first got there, and then the class that came in with me, we had a highly touted recruiting class. And then the class after Coach Davis that his first class brought in had a lot of guys come in also. So we were stacked with talent and I'm just happy for all those guys and feel blessed to be a part of that.

On if he felt they could have won a National title at Carolina without injuries and ineligible players:

That was our goal coming into the season and training camp. Our first goal was the ACC Championship. And we felt like if we had all our guys and were healthy and eligible that we could go as far as we could take ourselves.

On joining his UNC teammate DB Da'Norris Searcy in Buffalo:

Me and Searcy are real great friends, not just with football. Off the field he's one of my best friends from the team. I'm just happy to have somebody I'm familiar with up there in a new town and just ready to get to work.

On contributing to special teams early on:

I feel like that's a given. Some guys come into the league not expecting to play special teams, but that's part of my game. I think that's something else that I bring to the table – a willingness to play special teams and I understand how important it is to winning games.

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