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Transcript: Nix & Gailey Recap Rounds Two and Three

On T.J. Graham:Buddy Nix:  Well I'm going to let Chan talk about how we use him, but we liked his speed and he can catch the football, he can return, they'll have to cover deep.

On why they moved up two spots to draft Graham:BN:  Well, we were worried he wouldn't be there.  You just don't want to get that close and not get him.  The pick we gave up was 217 in the seventh (round), we had two anyway.

On if Graham is an outside or slot receiver:Chan Gailey:  Outside guy.  The speed, he's 5'11" and something, close to 6'.  He can run by most everybody, I mean the guy can fly, and like Buddy said he can catch.  He's got some return ability, don't know if we'll do that right off the bat, we'll let him work at receiver more than anything and try to become proficient there.

On what Graham does well:CG:  He ran some routes.  You'll see him catch what we call key routes, where they just throw it out there and he makes somebody miss and runs the football.  He was in the slot, ran down the middle, ran down the sideline.  He played different spots for them and did different things for them.  He wasn't just one of those little fast guys that runs the bubble all the time and they dump it to him, he wasn't one of those guys.  He is a guy that has some skill running the football and the difference with him and maybe some of the other guys we saw on film was that when he got it, he would take it and turn and go north and south and not shy away and run out of bounds.  He's trying to go north and south with the football.

On Graham's track background:CG:  If you ask him, he tells you, 'I'm a football player that happened to run track.'  He'll tell you that.

BN:  He didn't miss any spring practices, he didn't miss winter workouts, he ran track around football.

On if Graham is a polished receiver right now:CG:  He's not polished.  With that speed and ability and the attitude he carries on the field, if he'd have been a three-year guy, he'd have probably been a little bit higher up the board.

On drafting a speed receiver:BN:  Chan and I, we looked and the wide receiver position is deep and there are some guys down there that can still really run.  There is a lot of speed there, some of them don't have as much of a body of work, but they've got good speed.

On if they chose the best players available with the selection of Glenn today:BN:  Yes, I mean he certainly tempted us, but again, we've been trying to get a guy that we thought was good enough to be a starting left tackle in this league, and we thought Cordy Glenn was that guy from the start.  We wanted to fix that if we could and we've always said that.

On if Glenn is a guard:BN:  No he's not a guard.  He started 50 games, the last 16 was left tackle.  We put it out there, we tried to spread the rumor that he was a guard and hope somebody wouldn't take him. 

On if they were surprised Glenn was still there:BN:  Shocked that he was there.  I guess that's about as well as we can say.  He was certainly on the list.On what makes Glenn a left tackle:BN:  You know the guy has good feet for a guy his size.  He's got good feet.  He's got so much length though, his arms are almost 36", 35 7/8" or something, I mean huge wingspan.  You've got a long way to run around him.  He's got some work to do as far as, he gets top-heavy a little bit, but the guy got better and better from the first two games of the year, he just kept getting better all the way through the year.  Then the Senior Bowl really capped it off for us, they played him everywhere down there.  I guess that's the only place people saw him at guard because he hadn't played there since 2010.  He was able to hold his own against the best in the Senior Bowl at left tackle convinced us. 

On why Glenn fell so far from where he was predicted to be selected:BN:  It's kind of the way drafts go, once you open the dam, if I remember right, didn't they draft three tackles in a row after we took him?  That's what happens.  Same way with corners, it's like they forget about them and then somebody takes one and you think 'Uh oh, we better get us one.'  That's kind of what happened. 

On if the Bills considered trading up for Glenn:

BN:I do not think we even had any opportunities. We did not call anybody. We do not do that much. As you know, we jumped out bold that last time to move up two spots and gave up a seventh rounder. We're Riverboat gamblers (jokingly).

On having addressed the team's needs in the first two days of the NFL Draft:

BN:I will sleep better tonight than I did last night. I think we all feel better about it. You always have to wait and see, see how they pan out and that kind of thing. We have a chance for these guys to really help us.

On if addressing three key needs is why he can sleep better tonight:

BN:I think so. Once you get too far down it is going to take time to develop a guy. There are a lot of good players late in the draft and it takes time with them. These guys are going to have to earn their spot. That is Chan's philosophy. That is the way we do it. But these guys have a chance to play a long time.

On if Glenn will use not getting drafted in the first round as motivation:

BN: It is good you mentioned that. His agent called me before we went down for the draft at about six o'clock and said, "I knew you liked this guy. And whoever gets him, he is going to make these other guys pay." I really do think it motivated him. He was embarrassed by it. He thought he was a top-10 pick. Things happen.

On what the Bills like most about Glenn:

CG:The thing that stands out right off the bat is size. That is obvious to everybody. If he walks in the door, it will be obvious to everybody how big this man is. Then you take into account his feet. The way he played against top competition, the way he played from game one and two on through the season. He probably played his best game at the end against LSU. The way he really got better as the season went along.

His wingspan is so huge and the guy has very good feet for a guy his size. I think he has just tapped his potential at left tackle. I think that is maybe why people thought guard because they were not sure of where he could go. In our evaluation we think he can go a long way at left tackle.

On if the Bills think Glenn can really end up being something special:

BN: We hope so. We talked about the guy too. Now he is 345. He has had two different strength coaches. I do not know how many offensive line coaches, I know two but one wanted him at 330. He did not worry about bulk and being big. He played at 330. The new guy comes in and within six months he wanted him at 345. That is where he is, which tells us something else about the guy. He wants to do what you ask him to do. With a guy with his ability if he wants to be good, he can be good.

On why Glenn fell down so far in the draft:

BN:I have no idea. I do not know. This same thing happened to us at San Diego. We took Shawne Merriman with the first pick when we needed a left tackle. It was between Shawne and Marcus McNeill and we got Marcus in the second round. We knew why. People thought he had back problems. Now he has a neck problem but that is why he fell. I have no idea why this guy fell unless it is not knowing if he is a guard or a left tackle.

On if the Bills have decided what weight they want Glenn to play at:

CG:No we have not. We will get him here and test his body fat. We'll let him workout for a while and just see where he is conditioning-wise. We will get to that at some point. I think he probably will be better lighter. He'll be quicker. He will be able to withstand the NFL season a little bit better at a lighter weight. We'll see. That is my initial thought but I am not going to sit here and say 'Yes, we have decided where we want him to be.'

On how much it is to ask of Glenn to be ready to compete for the left tackle job:

CG:He is a good athlete. It is not hard to ask him to do that at all. I am going to ask every one of them. The guy we sign as a free agent, we are going to ask him to do the same thing. We ask them all to get ready to compete. When I call him on the phone and talk to him, right before we turned the name in, I ask them if they are healthy and I ask them if they are ready to compete. That is what we want him to do, come in here and compete for a job.

On if OL coach Joe D'Alessandris gave any feedback on Glenn:

CG: Yeah, a lot of feedback. I think they hit it off pretty well. If you are willing to work, you will hit it off with Joe D. If you are not willing to work, you will probably have a hard time dealing with him.

On if Glenn can develop into a dominate pass and run blocker:

BN: I do not see any reason why he would not.

On what Graham's correct 40-yard-dash time was:

BN:We had 4.38 or something, but high school he won the 100 (yard dash). He won the 200 and qualified for the NCAA finals. He can run, whatever the time is.

On if the Bills considered Graham to be an under-the-radar draft pick:

BN:I do not know. I cannot answer that. He will not be under-the-radar if you right about him, so feel free.

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