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Transcript: Nix on Aaron Williams

On what he likes about DB Aaron Williams and why they picked him:

Aaron Williams, everything goes in cycles in football and it's gotten now to where you've got big receivers and you need big corners, and they're hard to find. This guy is talented. He's really a good athlete and he's got some versatility. He can play corner, obviously, he can play in the slot in the nickel, and we think he can play safety.

On picking him with the intention of starting him out at cornerback:

Right, we will. Being an old secondary coach, you can always move from out-in but not from inside-out. We think we'll start him at corner and if we decide to move him inside it'd be a lot easier going in that direction.

On losing depth at cornerback with Drayton Florence unsigned:

Yeah, but we haven't lost Drayton, now. He's just unsigned.

On how the quarterback position has sorted itself out based on his expectations:

Obviously there were some shockers last night. But we're to the point, and I think I've said this a lot of times, but with the first pick we wanted a franchise guy. If he wasn't there then we were going to get better on defense and work on needs if the right guy was there. We are still going to go to camp with probably four quarterbacks, so that's not to say we won't take one in the draft, but it's also not to say we wouldn't go after a veteran to be a back-up for us and then take another arm to camp. He might be a college free agent.

On if how it (the quarterbacks) fell affected the team's game plan much:

Maybe a little bit. We didn't think Marcell (Dareus) would be there. Now the whole thing leading up to it until the last day or two, we thought he'd be gone. But when he was there and (Cam) Newton was gone, he was there, it was an easy pick.

On if they stopped pursuing a quarterback with the 34th pick with that concept:

No, we again, I think it's the same thing. I think if we thought there was a long-term franchise guy there we would've gone quarterback.

On Williams' physical abilities:

The one negative and you didn't ask me that, but probably his long speed. He ran 4.57 at the Combine and he ran 4.42 at Texas, at their work out. Now, somewhere in between that reality lies. So he's got good speed. He's got very good quickness and short area burst. He's a good tackler, tough guy, smart. But now, if you put him on an elite receiver every time and they get 30-40 yards down the field, you'll see some separation probably.

On if he tailed off a little bit his junior year:

More I think Texas tailed off. So I would say that's more what happened.

On how Williams is at jamming receivers at the line:

Strong guy. He's physical. He's six-feet-and-a-quarter and he's 205-pounds. His vertical jump is 38-inches or close to that. He's very explosive and he is a physical guy. He'll keep them on the line of scrimmage.

On Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers still being on the board and if they passed on him because of his injury:

Well, we're concerned about the injury to be honest with you. But I guess, maybe the fit wasn't real good for us either. I think Da'Quan, and I've been watching him since he was a freshman, I think he's a 4-3 defensive end. He might be able to play outside backer but you'd be taking away what he does best if you start dropping him.

On if his phone was ringing with QB Andy Dalton still on the board:

Yes, yes it was. We had numerous calls today and even seconds before the pick. I think you have to decide if you want to go down and take a chance on maybe getting more guys, but lesser quality, or if you want to go ahead and take that pick that you think is going to help you.

On the scariness at the 'lack of talent' at the cornerback position in this year's draft class:

I still think there are some good ones on down the line and we may even take another one. Really, there are things you should do every year and taking a cornerback is one of them. 

On addressing the defense with the first two picks:

I think it's obvious that we're not where we want to be defensively and we're trying to fix that. Right now, the draft's the only way we've got at doing it and that's how we're going to do it. We're not thru either. We've got seven more picks and I hope every one of them count.

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