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Transcript: RB Fred Jackson

RB Fred Jackson

Monday, September 24, 2012

On where he is at health-wise:

I did some more work today. I will come back tomorrow and do some more work. We will go out Wednesday and see what it feels like.

On if he is going to practice Wednesday:

Yeah. If all goes well, hopefully I can be out there Sunday.

On if he feels good about playing Sunday:

I do. I think that with the work that our training staff is doing, with the preparation trying to get me out there, and then you just focus in on trying to get back out there. I think I have a really good shot, I like my chances. Hopefully all goes well on Wednesday, Thursday and things are good for me.

On how to balance wanting to be out there and whether he should be out there:

It is just knowing that I can get out there and help or if I am getting out there and not helping. We have guys like Tashard (Choice) who stepped up and made plays and Johnny (White) behind him. If I think I can get out there and make plays to help my team and I am not hindering them, so to speak, then I will get after it. That is what this next week is for. See what I am able to do when I am out there and if we like what we see then I will give it a shot on Sunday.

On the percentage that he plays Sunday:

From my point of view, I am giving myself a 70-to-75 percent chance. I just feel it is a game we need to go out and play well. I need to be out there I think to play. I think that I will have that opportunity to get out there if I keep working and those guys keep doing the tremendous job they are doing, I will get out there.  

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