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Transcript: Shawn Heinlen on Chris White

On his playing style:

He's a tough, instinctive, hard-nosed football player.  Chris has started two years there at Mississippi St. since being on campus and coming from a junior college.  He started outside last year, inside this year. He's a instinctive player that plays downhill.  The one thing that sticks out to me with Chris is you can actually see him going to the ball as it's snapped.  His ability to diagnose plays and fill run lanes is something that he did better than anybody I saw this year on tape. 

On his stock rising his senior year:

With him, it was his second year on campus coming from a junior college, so I think he probably felt a little more comfortable playing for them and being in the system a second year.  It made it easier for him to diagnose and play faster than he probably played his first year on campus. 

On where he is more comfortable, outside or inside linebacker:

He runs very well for a big man.  He's a 4.75 guy, at 246 lbs. So he runs well for his size. He's a big kid.

On if he will be a special teams contributor:

Definitely. He's going to be a guy that will be part of our core special teams unit right away when he gets here.

On what versatility he can bring:

He's a very good athlete actually.  He played some SAM there. He and K.J. Wright, who was picked earlier today, flip-flopped spots basically last year for them.  He's got a lot of position flexibility. He can do some different things for us, should be able to run with tight ends and those types of things where he can give us some coverage ability as well. 

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