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Transcript: Shawn Heinlen on Tank Carder

On drafting LB Tank Carder:

He plays a lot faster than he timed at the Combine. He is an instinctive player. He is smart and he has played inside and out. He closes very fast. He is going to have to work on playing with his hands better but that is not the style of defense they play at TCU. They are an attacking gap type defense. So for him he is going to have to just bulk up and get a little stronger taking on at the point. He has great coverage skills. He is fluid for a linebacker. He changes direction well. His short area quickness is very good. And like I said because of his instincts and his intelligence to diagnose things, he just has a feel for the game. He plays a lot faster than he times.

On what the Bills had Carder timed at in the 40-yard-dash:

We had some varying times on him. Different times from TCU and the pro day. It depends on where his weight was and things.

On Carder's unique background:

Yeah, you are not going to find many like that. For sure.

On what stands out about Carder outside of his on-field performance:

He is a competitor in everything he does from what he has come through from the accident in high school, being a BMX kid and football. Everything he does he is very good at and he competes at a high level. That is kind of the way he is made up. He is just a really competitive guy that likes to excel at whatever he is doing.

On where the Bills see him playing:

Probably going to start at (weak inside linebacker) because of the athletic skills, his movement and those types of things. The coverage; as he gets bigger and stronger, as he fills out, he can move over to that (strong side linebacker) to do those types of things and be stronger at the point.

On his athleticism:

His movement skills are very good for a linebacker. He has got loose hips. He has great short area quickness. He can run with guys up the field, so that gives him a chance. And like I said, because of his instincts he diagnoses things really well. He has a real good feel in zone coverage and those things so he can get in lanes and get his hands on balls.

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