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Transcript: Tom Roth on Chris Hairston

Opening statement:

As you just saw on the highlights, he is extremely big, long, good player, good athlete, productive in both phases for them (Clemson). He's more of an in-line guy than a space player. He can do it, but more of an in-line guy.  Just a good player.

On if he will be a right tackle for the Bills:

Yes, I think so.  He played left for them, but athletically for us, I think he fits more on the right.

On Hairston playing in-line as opposed to playing in space:

He'll be functional in space.  Like most of the linemen, or a lot of them, he's better in-line.

On how he played at Clemson:

He's played a lot there.  He's a smart kid – very good Wonderlic score.  He's very good, very smart and very tough.  All of the intangibles are very good on him.  Everything is good. 

On his ability to bend:

He's alright.  Tall guys like him, he's a little bit high-cut, so those guys tend to tip at the waist a little bit sometimes.  He'll do that on occasion. But he can bend, sit, anchor versus the bull-rush.

On some of his better games in college:

North Carolina was a good one. I saw them all and I've seen some from his junior year so I don't want to get them mixed up, but they're all good: Auburn, South Carolina. 

On the top defensive ends he has faced in college:

North Carolina there was no Robert Quinn this year, Cliff Matthews of South Carolina. He was solid throughout the whole season, steady.

On how his high intelligence will help him adjust to the NFL:

All these guys have a learning curve.  He should come in quick and talk with our O-line coaches and just get the scheme down which I think he will. And when he gets on the field with blitzes and stunts that's a big thing on film being able to see that and getting into position which he did well at Clemson with that.

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