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Transcript: Vince Young Joins the Bills

On how he feels about this opportunity:

It's just being around a great team. I had a chance to watch the guys play a lot last year on film because pretty much the guys who they were playing we were right behind when I was in Philly (Philadelphia). As well as with Coach Gailey and Coach D. Lee, I call him, Coach (David) Lee. I know he's been trying to recruit me for a long time since I was coming out of high school to come to Arkansas. To get a chance to come here to study, work hard and listen to the knowledge that they have to bring to the game, my game, make my game even better I thought that was a great opportunity for myself.

On what he took from last season in Philadelphia to make this season better:

One thing I learned a lot of was a lot of film work. Last year and all my previous years I've been taught how to be a pocket passer. A lot of guys asked, "Why aren't you going to run the ball anymore?" My biggest thing was I was trying to learn how to be a pocket passer and then it would bring my whole game together with the pocket passing and as well as being elusive and making plays as well as my legs and standing in place. I'm very anxious to get in there with Coach Gailey and Coach Lee to learn even more different things that they have for me to make my game even better. So I'm pretty happy about that as well.

On if there is anything that he is eager to work on this season:

I had a chance to work with him (Coach Gailey) today actually, a couple of throws and just getting the feel for the guys and getting to fill in learning some different terminology and plays. The biggest thing is that he was naming off to me, throwing to my left open up my hip a little bit more and a lot of the time I do feel that, not opening up my left hip a little bit more to get that throw a little bit more accurate to the sideline. That was something I was going to be working on a lot as well as just getting used to some of the drops in a new offense that coming from Philly. We take five and seven step deep drops and now you've got to shorten it down a little bit more to get used to our game here. I'm looking forward to that definitely.

On where he sees himself right now in his career:

I'm happy. Like I said, I've gotten a chance to work with some coordinators and great coaches from Coach (Mike) Heimerdinger, Rest in Peace to him, Norm Chow, I think he's still in UCLA and Kerry Collins. I've been working with a lot of great guys as well as Marty (Mornhinweig) and Andy Reid. Just taking all of this knowledge and putting it into my game and now it makes the game fun because you know what's going on. You can change protection if you need to, what guys are trying to do scheming wise. So it's all coming together right now, all the learning process and experience. My whole thing is to come in here as well and to learn just as much so when everybody gets the chance to go out and play to showcase the talent the things that I've been able to learn. It's something I'm looking forward to and I'm very happy about it.

On if he knows if he'll have any special packages for him:

Not that I know of. Right now I'm just learning new terminology and just feeding every day. I'm trying to get a lot of work in with Coach Lee the most that I can under the new rules that we have. That's the biggest thing right now is just trying to learn as much as I can right now.

On how encouraging it is to know that Coach Gailey tailors the offense around a player's best abilities:

It shows you the great coach that he is. He understands his players. You've got to respect that. You want to be one of those guys that just sits there, learns, pays attention and keeps your mouth close. He knows what he's doing. Just reading his history, he has a long beautiful history. At the same time he just missed a little bit short on not winning so I want myself or Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and Thig (Tyler Thigpen), that's our whole goal. That's our goal is to win that championship for him. Whatever it takes, whether it's studying extra hours or whatever it is, getting the guys doing extra things, whatever it is, that's what we want to do for him. He's definitely worth that Super Bowl.

On adapting to the back-up quarterback role:

I'm pretty much used to it. All you can do is come in and work. This league is crazy from injury wise, all kind of things. I'm not wishing that on him (Fitzpatrick). He's our starting quarterback and I'm behind him 100%. The biggest thing is as a, not just at my position but any position on a football field, you have to be always ready because you never know what's going to happen. If it's staying in shape, if it's extra studying, whatever they have you getting extra throws in on Tuesdays and all during the week, that's the biggest thing about being a backup quarterback. You've got to stay ready because your number could get called any minute. That's my biggest thing is and I learned that last year. I know how adjust to it this year so my whole thing is sitting in behind the scenes with Coach Lee and trying to learn and try to filter in as much knowledge as I can get with this new playbook and terminology.

On what he has learned about himself and the people talking about him:

My whole thing is that I use it as motivation to silence my doubters. I have a huge doubter base. I used to feed into that but my biggest thing is not feeding into that. You can't make everybody happy. The only people you can make happy is your family members, your coaching staff and your teammates. The ones you do love. Those are the ones I focus on, everything else I just put too much focus on. I don't really watch it and I don't get to hear it until someone texts it to me or someone tells me. I kind of use that as fuel.

On if he's changed from hearing everything being said about him:

I used to listen to it. That was the biggest thing. I used to always pay attention to it. My whole thing is I don't listen to it anymore. I don't even pay attention to it anymore. My head is so much into the offense and the book now, other responsibilities that I have my kids and everything. That's my concentration right now.

On if he feels like he's matured from his years in the NFL:

It's definitely a learning experience. From RG III to Andrew Luck, all these guys as new quarterbacks in the league they will as the years go on you get older like Eli Manning, he's won two Super Bowls now. As the history goes, you notice guys get more mature in their sixth and seventh year. That's the biggest thing. I have definitely learned how to handle different situations now. I just go to work. That's all you can do. That's what you've been paid for to be a franchise quarterback. That's the biggest thing you have to do. That's all I do is go to work and be in the community with the kids and the people.

On if it's difficult to accept another one year deal:

Somewhat. The biggest thing is it's not about me. It's not about me at all. It's where I can go in and help. My biggest thing is trying to (change my) perception and who I am as a person. Buddy (Nix), (David) Lee, and the coaching staff, and Andy Reid over there, everybody's getting the perception of who I really am as a person so that's all I care about. The biggest thing is I just want to go out and play football, help out in any way I can. That's the biggest thing. I love the game of football. It's a one year deal. It's an opportunity to play the game that I love. That's my biggest thing.

On what he meant by his reference "dream team" in Philadelphia last year:

What I was basically saying is just the respect of the players. Just like we have here we have a lot of respectable players on this team as well. From Fitz, from Jax (Fred Jackson), it's a long list of guys. I definitely won't make that comment again because it was definitely blown out of proportion. It's just to show you that it's the respect I have for the players that were around in that locker room and to finally get a chance and sit in the locker room when you've got guys like we had out there. It's the same thing here. From Mario (Williams), you've got guys that used to chase me around. It's a great thing to be on the same sideline with those guys now. It's a great opportunity to be here.

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