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Transcripts: QB Fitzpatrick, DE Williams, RB Jackson

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On what he sees from the Jets' defense:

A lot of the same stuff (with) a lot of the same personnel. They are going to get after you. They are going to play man coverage. They are going to disguise some stuff. It is a great challenge for us right away. It is one of the top defenses in the league every year and this year is no different.

On why it is so hard to run against the Jets' defense:

They are stout up front. They have some big guys with their scheme. They limit what you can do in the run game. It is something that is important and it is something that you have to be able to do to be able to stay balanced versus these guys.

On how important the run game is to the Bills:

It is big for us. Week to week it varies in terms of how much we are going to lean on it. You have to stay balanced versus these guys because otherwise they will just tee off on you.

On if he is anxious or excited:

Both. Very excited to get out there. It has been a long time coming. This offseason has almost been longer than most just because we have been so excited for this game. It is almost here and I think we will continue to have good practices put together and be ready to play.

On Jets' LB Aaron Maybin:

I have not really focused on him much. I guess asking some of the guys up front might be better to talk to about it. I know he is a guy they think highly of.

On the unknowns that exist with facing the Jets:

There are, especially with the Jets even in Week 17 when we play them (again) there are still going to be a lot of unknowns in terms of what they are going to do. There are going to be some unorthodox defense and looks. They will try to confuse you a little bit. There are so many unknowns, not only with them and their scheme, but with us. Are we going to make that next step this year? How are we going to perform up front? And are we going to get back in rhythm on offense?  There are a lot of unknowns for us that I think we have a good feel for. I think we know what the answers are, but you have to be able to go out there and do it.

On where the offense is at:

We feel good. I think the extra practice time will help a little bit this week with just the different things we are doing. Part of what the Jets do is they are going to throw off the timing. There is a lot of bump and hitting receivers. That is part of what they do.

On the Jets' overload blitz:

They do a good job of finding weaknesses in your protections and sending more guys then you can block. It is just a matter of staying composed when you are out there. You are going to take hits in this game. I am always going to take hits, especially versus these guys. I have got to be able to get it out and get it in my guys' hands.

On if WR Stevie Johnson responds to CB Darrelle Revis as a challenge:

I think so. The main reason being Stevie (Johnson), when we play against the Jets, he has the opportunity to play against the best corner in the league. I think for him that is just extra motivation to be able to get out there and show what he has. (Darrelle) Revis is a guy that is obviously super talented. Everybody respects him and knows him as the best corner in the game. I do not see it any different here.

On the offense succeeding against the Jets and the offensive line holding up:

I think we are ready to do it. Like I said, we have a lot of expectations. We think we know where we are going into this year. Now we have to go out and do it. I think those guys up front, they feel the urgency, the challenge that people have put on them to go out there and play well. We expect nothing less from them.

On how he plans to handle the Jets' pressure:

I think there has to be a good balance with the short quick stuff and being able to get it downfield. I think that goes into being a successful offense.

On if he feels he still has to prove things to the outside world:

I think every year you go into you have to prove who you are and what kind of player you are. That is not just for me. That is for the elite guys to. I am sure Aaron Rodgers feels like he has a lot to prove going into the year. Every season is new. For me, I probably have more to prove than the other guys. That is it as a quarterback. You have to be able to go out there and do it. I am looking forward to that challenge.

On why he feels he has more to prove than other guys:

I think I have more to prove than other guys because I did some things last year that were good, but at the same time I did not put together a full, complete season. Last year being the year that I was going in as the guy and the starter, I have to be able to be consistent all year. I think consistency needs to be shown this year throughout the whole year.

On the Jets' fight during training camp:

I think it is probably all overblown. They obviously get more attention than anybody else being in the media market they are in. Small things that happen for them happen for every team in the NFL, but they are the ones that are going to be scrutinized the most just because of that media market-that stuff that gets overblown by the media. I am sure that they are fine as a team and confident, just like we are.

On if it feels like the amplitude is turned up for this opener:

It definitely is. You are so excited to start out the season as it is. But like you said, a division opponent especially being the Jets and for us some of the additions and things we did in the offseason (with) the raised expectations. This is a big game for us. You go into it trying not to get too excited, too overhyped for a game like this. Just go out there and remember that it is a game and play.

On what his opinion is of newcomer DE Mario Williams:

He is a great player. I think it has been very evident since he has been on the field here that he is a great player. We are expecting a lot out of him, just like we are expecting a lot out of Stevie (Johnson), Fred (Jackson) and a lot of different guys. That is something he has proven over his career. He can be a game-changer. He can be a dynamic player. We expect nothing less of him.

On if WR Stevie Johnson seems more mature this season:

There really has not been much change in Stevie day-to-day. I think as we get into these games we will see in terms of the maturity factor and him taking that next step as a receiver. The day-to-day stuff, Stevie is who he is. He is a happy-go-lucky guy. That really has not changed much. 

On if there is a mental hurdle going up against a team like the Jets who have had success against Buffalo:

I think the biggest thing being we want to be able to play well in our division, something that we have not done the past few years. This is the first step. This is a division opponent. Such a huge game for us, right out the gate and that is what we are looking forward to. 

DE Mario Williams

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On starting the season and earning everything that was given to him in the off-season:

The biggest thing is being able to get out there with live bullets and play ball. (I am) really excited about it. It I has been a long time. (I am ready) to get out here with these guys and get after it.

On the defensive line's success in the preseason having him excited for the regular season:

It is very encouraging in the sense of actual film study, planning and scheming. Not just for coaches but for us up front. I think the biggest thing is we finally get a chance to go out there and it all counts. We just need to be on our Ps and Qs. Run our responsibilities, do our responsibilities and things we are supposed to do. Then we will be fine.

On this opening day being different now that he is in a new city:

Yeah. I typically really do not get nervous. It does feel like my rookie year all over again. It does feel like I got drafted again. I am pretty sure it will be a little anxiety. It will be fine.

On preparing for Tim Tebow and the wildcat:

At the end of the day, not actually seeing them with live bullets together on a real Sunday, you kind of do not know what you are going to get as far as Tebow, the wildcat and how they are going to attack you. You kind of just have to go through the possibilities of what they might do. Get after it. As long as you hit the quarterback and get him down, you can do what you want to do.

On the Jets not putting any of the wildcat on tape:

You are not going to see too much preseason of what they have in the basket. That is the thing, we will be the first ones to face it obviously. It is one of those things we have to be able to adjust quickly though depending on what they do come out with.

On the threat of the wildcat detracting from the Bills' pass rushing ability:


On the expectations on him and the rest of the defense:

I think the biggest thing as far as expectations are - is knowing what you are supposed to be doing and having 11 guys doing that. Let's be on the same page on one quarter. And then for us up front, and myself especially, is get after the quarterback. Getting after the quarterback, but also stopping the run. Whether it is on the way to the quarterback or just obviously knowing if it is a run or not. I think the biggest thing for me is just balling. It is just about finally getting out here on a real Sunday and getting after it.

On DT Kyle Williams and DT Marcell Dareus impressing him:

Yeah, definitely. I had a glimpse of them before so I knew what to expect. I think the biggest thing that is going to help us all get better is playing with one another. Playing off one another and getting after it together.

RB Fred Jackson

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On the Jets being a tough opponent in the past:

I think more than anything they are a divisional opponent. All of our games in the division are tough. We know that and we have to go out and make plays. We haven't made plays consistently against these guys and that is a credit to them. But also we have kind of been shooting ourselves in the foot.

On how much better the team is heading into the season compared to last year:

We feel like we are a tremendous amount better. We got a lot of key guys back, made some key additions this offseason. I think we will be OK. With that being said, we are looking forward to making some plays this year.

On how it will feel on Sunday to be back on the field coming back from an injury:

Yea, it is huge. This is what I want to do and I wasn't able to do it last year. I didn't finish the season like I wanted to and I want to go out and pick up where I left off. And it's a great opportunity to do so against a divisional opponent.

WR Stevie Johnson

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On his thoughts on Jets CB Darrelle Revis:

I think it is going to be an interesting game and an interesting match-up between us two. But for the most part it is bigger than me and him. It's going to be Bills versus the Jets.  It's a team thing, but it is going to be some entertainment out there.

On his play against Revis in previous match-ups:

It is all competition. You win some, you lose some.  Nobody is perfect. He is not going to beat everybody on every snap and I'm not going to be getting open on every single snap. It is the competition that we have out there and sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses.

On the difference between his first game this year compared to last year:

There is no difference this is the first week of the NFL. We are all hyped.  It is all the same. I don't think there is a different feeling as far as Week One goes. We open with a division opponent so I guess that is a little more of an incentive to go out there and win.

On how he feels physically:

Yes the groin is good. I'm at about 90-percent.

On if groin is better now than on Week 14 last year:

Yeah, most definitely.  I say 90-percent because no one is 100-percent unless you like haven't played at all. But I'm good.

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