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Van Miller's 50th All-Time defense and head coach

Each Monday on we'll be presenting the Bills 50th All-Time team selections of one Buffalo celebrity. Back in early March we presented Van’s offensive unit. Now his defensive team and head coach are unveiled.

Be sure to check back every Monday to see what other celebrities with ties to Buffalo choose for their Bills 50th All-Time team.

You can make your picks too by going to to make your selections presented by Tops. But here now is Van's defensive roster and head coach for his All-Time Bills squad.

Defensive line (3)
Tom Sestak
Van's take – "He was incredible. I think he could have played today with a little more weight. He was a great tackler, he could beat the double team and get pressure on the quarterback. He was an outstanding player."

Fred Smerlas
Van's take – "He blocked two field goals on the Jets in one game in the overtime game that won the East. He was hard to stop."

Bruce Smith
Van's take – "There's nothing I really have to say right?"

Linebacker (4)
Cornelius Bennett
Van's take – "That's guy is on my team for sure. He could defend the run and the pass equally well. He was just so athletic and he was a great pass rusher too."

Jim Haslett
Van's take – "Nobody played the game harder than he did. I still remember the game when he stepped on Terry Bradshaw's head and got kicked out of that game. He was just a very, very feisty guy and he came to play every play. He never took a play off."

Mike Stratton
Van's take – "I think Stratton is one of the few guys from the 60's that could have played now. Everyone knows how he broke Keith Lincoln's ribs in the championship game at the old Rockpile. He could play the pass and run and just a great all-around player."

Darryl Talley
Van's take – "He's got to be on my team. The longevity and the leader that he was for that defense especially in the late 80's. He was a difference maker."

Cornerbacks (2)
Butch Byrd
Van's take – "Butch Byrd was amazing because of his size. He was built more like a fullback than a cornerback, but he could cover and he could play. Just a terrific player."

Robert James
Van's take – "He was so special physically, just an unbelievable player that could do anything on the field that he wanted to. So strong and powerful. Just amazing."

Safety (2)
Steve Freeman
Van's take – "Very smart player that knew how to play the position. He was a good cover man."

George Saimes
Van's take – "George Saimes was as good a tackler as anyone who ever played the game. You couldn't get past him if you were a running back. I don't care how shifty a back you were he would make that tackle in the open field like nobody else I've ever seen."

Head coach (1)
Lou Saban
Van's take – "I would take Lou because he brought a team from nowhere to championships in '64 and '65. He was an exceptional coach. I think I've got to go with him."

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