Van Miller's 50th All-Time Team

Each Monday on we'll be presenting the Bills 50th All-Time team selections of one Buffalo celebrity. We could think of no better way to begin this series than with Bills Hall of Fame broadcaster Van Miller, who has seen every season of Bills football.

Be sure to check back every Monday to see who other celebrities with ties to Buffalo choose for their Bills 50th All-Time team.

You can make your picks too by registering at the Bills 50th Season website presented by Tops.  But here now are Van's offensive and special teams selections for his All-Time Bills squad. His defensive unit and head coach will be announced at a later date.

Quarterback (1)
Jim Kelly
Van's take – "I think it's almost a tie between Jim Kelly and Jack Kemp because Jack won the two AFL championship games. Joe Ferguson was a great quarterback too, but between Kelly and Kemp I'd give Kelly a slight edge from the way he ran the K-Gun so he gets the nod."

Running back (1)
Thurman Thomas
Van's take – "I think it's Thurman because he could do more. If Cookie had played longer for the Bills I would have probably given it to him. Cookie may have been the finest running back I've ever known. He was every bit as versatile as Thurman. He could kick off, he could play tailback and fullback. Nobody dominated a game like Cookie Gilchrist could. That's a close one. O.J. was a great player too no question. This might be the toughest position in this whole thing."

Wide receiver (3)
Jerry Butler
Van's take – "He was just a great player with great hands and speed. He was particularly good around the goal line. He was an outstanding receiver. He could separate from any defensive back."

James Lofton
Van's take – "I'm going with Lofton. He didn't play here very long, but he was a difference maker that really took that K-Gun offense to the next level, and he's a Hall of Famer."

Andre Reed
Van's take – "Andre is on my team. Just his longevity and production throughout his career. The all-time leading receiver. How can he not be on this team."

Tight end (1)
Pete Metzelaars
Van's take – "He wasn't the best receiver in the world, but he was Kelly's safety valve and he was a great blocker. Metzelaars was the best all-around guy at the position."

Offensive line (5)
Al Bemiller
Van's take – "He was very, very consistent and steady. He wasn't as big as some of the centers are today, but he was a heck of a player. He was a good pass protector that could pick up those blitzers that came up the middle. A good all-around player that was durable."

Joe DeLamielleure
Van's take – "Joe D. is definitely on my team. Without question."

Kent Hull
Van's take – "Kent helped Kelly make that offense hum with all those line call adjustments he made. A real sharp player that always had the right answer."

Billy Shaw
Van's take – "Billy Shaw was a great, great player. He was a great leader to up front for those teams."

Will Wolford
Van's take – "Kelly's blind side protector, which wasn't an easy job as much as the Bills threw the ball at that time."

Special TeamsSteve Christie
Van's take – "He was a clutch kicker. Just unbelievable. Ice in his veins."

Brian Moorman
Van's take – "Moorman is as fine a punter as I've ever seen. He was on a par with Ray Guy in a lot of ways."

Steve Tasker
Van's take – "It's hard to argue with a seven-time Pro Bowl player."

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