What Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen + others said about Bills-Pats | Week 8


1. The importance of a change in mindset for Josh Allen

In the two games last season against the Patriots, the Bills lost by seven points or less. Josh Allen threw three interceptions in the first matchup in Week 4 but didn't throw any the second time the two teams played in Week 16. Going into his fourth career game against the Patriots, and still looking for his first win, Allen explained what has attributed to the lack of turnovers and improvement in ball security as he grows as an NFL quarterback.

"I think it's just a mindset change, Allen explained. "Instead of the home run first, I'm thinking of working from the bottom up instead of top down. Just little tweaks in making sure that I'm very comfortable with the game plan that we're putting in. Letting coach Daboll know if there are any concepts that I don't like, he's been very gracious to take them out, and very gracious to work around what I like and what I don't like. I also attribute that to guys getting open and going to catch the ball for me as well as the front five blocking and doing their assignments as well."

2. Stefon Diggs on the New England secondary

Coming from Minnesota to Buffalo this offseason, Stefon Diggs has not experienced a Bills-Patriots division rivalry game. Diggs does know about and has been watching film on this Patriots defense and the group of guys they have in their secondary. He explained what makes this Patriots secondary so good, and what the Bills offense has to do against them on Sunday.

"They're fundamentally sound, Diggs said. "They do a lot of things well on defense, they are active, they have some great players and they're smart. All the guys play as a unit, everybody's always on the same page, they are big on communication, and everybody's in the right spot so it's definitely a challenge for us. It's something that I look forward to for our offense to go out there and try to execute at a high level, make some plays, and fly around. It's more so that we have to execute better than they do. They do a great job, have a great scheme, and have great coaching staff so it's definitely going be fun."

3. Devin Singletary on getting Jon Feliciano back

Jon Feliciano was a staple for the Bills offensive line last season. He started all 16 games and helped them finish seventh in the league in rushing yards per game with 130.9. After he tore his pec in training camp this past July, Feliciano has been working hard to get back on the field. On Tuesday, he was officially activated off of injured reserve and has a chance to play in his first game of the season on Sunday. Devin Singletary spoke about his relationship with Feliciano and what he brings to this team.

"I have a lot of chemistry with Jon [Feliciano]," Singletary stated. "He brings that attitude when he's in the game and he's in kill-mode all the time. So, it's going to be great to have that attitude back in the room, and I'm ready to see how he is in his first game back."

4. Jordan Poyer on stopping the Patriots offense

The New England Patriots through Week 7 are ranked fourth in the NFL rushing yards per game with 155. Four players on the team have rushed for at least 150 yards this season, with Cam Newton leading the team with 244 rushing yards. Jordan Poyer has played against New England six times as a member of the Bills, and he shed some light on what they have to do to stop the Patriots offense. 

ook at the games that they have won, against Miami and against the Raiders, those games they won they had over 250 yards rushing. When you put that together, they're successful when they're running the ball well. Even in the games that they lost; they're running the ball well. So, in order for us to be successful obviously, we have to be able to stop the run and that includes the quarterback as well. We know there's going to be some quarterback power and quarterback runs, and we're going to have to put eight men in the box and be able to defend it. I think stopping the run is going be huge for us on Sunday.

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