What Stefon Diggs, Trent Murphy + others said about Buffalo's win over the Jets


Diggs on Brown

While much of the attention pregame was on wide receiver Stefon Diggs' debut for the Bills, wide receiver John Brown continued to be a factor in the offense with six receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown.

"I think, in my opinion, John Brown is one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL," Diggs said. "He's underappreciated as well. He does a lot of things extremely well. He plays on the outside, can play on the inside, he has great hands, great routes.

"… It's fun to play with guys like that because it's hard to double, it's hard to do all that. It gives the ability for everybody to eat, everybody to win on the outside."

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Brown on the Jets' coverage

The addition of Diggs to the Bills' receiving corps presents a new dynamic for opposing defenses to handle, a factor wide receiver John Brown said was noticeable in the Jets' decision to play more zone than usual.

"They actually kind of played us different from how they played us last year," he said. "It was something we had to adjust to. With Stefon Diggs here, Gabe Davis, Cole Beasley, there was a lot of things opening up for us.

"They went on a lot of Cover 2. That's what they normally play, but we definitely got a lot of that with Stefon Diggs being in the mix."

'We definitely missed the Bills Mafia'

Brown said the lack of fans was most noticeable with the Buffalo defense on the field for third downs, moments that usually generate deafening roars behind the signature train horn.

"When the defense is on the field those third downs, we definitely missed the Bills Mafia," Brown said. "You know, getting loud, making it hard to audible. So, that's definitely what we missed about them."

Diggs brings the energy

Devin Singletary said that Diggs brought "major energy" to the sideline and the huddle, a point echoed by Mitch Morse.

"I think that is an understatement," Morse said. "He brings a lot of juice. Even when it's the kind of juice when he's kind of getting on guys, it's not in a detrimental way. He brings out the best of guys in the huddle. I'm very fond of Stefon and the energy he brought today and I'm very happy we have him on our team and would love to build on that.

"He fuels the fire sometimes. Sometimes, you've got to fuel it, depending on the ebbs and flows of the game. He felt it and I'm very, very happy with him and the kind of positive energy he brought even when stuff was starting to go sideways in that third quarter."

Hughes on how the team maintained their edge with no fans.

Jerry Hughes had two tackles and a fumble recovery in today's win. Being up 21-3 to start the second half Hughes explains how the team kept their edge throughout the game with the absence of fans.

"We talked about it in the locker room about bringing the energy for all four quarters, Hughes said. "We knew it was going to be unprecedented with the fact that there is nobody in the stands to cheer us on. On third downs and big plays we were big on providing our own juice. Anytime somebody made a tackle, or made a catch, I don't know if you could hear us on TV, but we were loud and rowdy. We were trying to pick each other up because when you are playing sports, the 12th man especially here in Orchard Park is a huge factor. A lot of people who played in the stadium before understood that and so we brought our own juice and I think that was key for us to start fast."

Zack Moss on his first game and scoring his first touchdown

The Bills did not run the ball a lot with their running backs in today's game with Singletary and Moss each getting nine carries. Both backs were involved in the passing game and Moss caught his first touchdown of the season. Moss took us through what it was like for his first NFL game, and catching his first of many touchdowns.

"It was very fun to watch and be a part of," Moss stated. "seeing those guys connect as they have done in practice and bringing it over to game day. It does a lot for our offense and our team and you want them to keep being consistent on that."

Moss added on his touchdown reception, "definitely a great moment, doing it here at home in week one. Everybody was happy for me, so I'm blessed. … I'm definitely going to keep [the football] and get it all painted up."

Trent Murphy's confidence level after week one.

Trent Murphy has had nine sacks in the first two years of his career in Buffalo, and Murphy just added another one. He had the first Bills sack of the season, and he said he will use that to improve his game and get better throughout the season.

"I feel good," Murphy explained. "and I always trust the guys next to me to do their part too, and that's our philosophy here. It's really about building on what you did yesterday, and yesterday is only as good as what you did the previous day. It's about learning, growing, keep improving and that's what we do. That's what I'm going to do and just keep taking steps forward and keep working."

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