What they're saying: Bills-Chargers game predictions


The Chargers have now lost three times on the final play of the game, including last week in Jacksonville. They also were unsure about having Philip Rivers, who went into concussion protocol after the game. ...

Prediction: Bills, 23-19

MDS's take: Nathan Peterman gets his first career start, while the Chargers don't know who their quarterback will be, as Philip Rivers is in the concussion protocol. That makes this a tough game to pick but I'll go with the Chargers.

MDS's pick: Chargers 20, Bills 17.

Florio's take: Nathan Peterman could eventually become a very good quarterback for the Bills. For now, a baptism by lightning bolt may be too much to handle.

Florio's pick: Chargers 28, Bills 17.

The Buffalo Bills are making a quarterback change from Tyrod Taylor to Nathan Peterman. That's interesting, but I don't know that it'll make the offense better. Against this Los Angeles Chargers pass rush, this might not be the best week to make such a change.

The L.A. defense has made a tangible turn for the better over the last few weeks. The run defense has improved, and the players seem to have a better understanding of the schemes overall.

The Bills are struggling. They aren't the most talented team, and we've known that for a while. They've been competitive because they've played sound football and haven't beaten themselves. At some point, though, you can't play to not lose. You actually have to go out and beat people, and I'm not sure Buffalo is capable of doing that.

Philip Rivers will be able to expose Buffalo's zone defense, and the Chargers will slow down both Peterman and Buffalo's run game enough to win a cross-country matchup at home.

Prediction: Chargers 28, Bills 17

I am not *entirely *ready to quit on the Bills just yet. ...

Buffalo Bills (5-4) over LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (3-6)

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