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What they're saying | National analysts praise Bills for Stefon Diggs extension

Stefon Diggs, with his brother Trevon, signs his contract extension at One Bills Drive on April 7, 2022. Photo by Ben Green
Stefon Diggs, with his brother Trevon, signs his contract extension at One Bills Drive on April 7, 2022. Photo by Ben Green

The Diggs extension shows great awareness from the Bills' organization

"When we look at Josh Allen's rise, it's so tied to Stefon Diggs," Sessler said. "The Bills to me, this was about awareness. You look around the league if you're Brandon Beane, it's Tyreek Hill and it's Davante Adams, these wide receiver contracts are blowing up, and [Diggs] still had two years left on his deal but they were like let's do this now to put to bed any sort of controversy here.

"No team in the league I think, honestly, has done a better job of team building from where the Bills were four years ago to now. They are now a rich Super Bowl contender and there's no way you let Josh Allen's sidepiece, they work together so well, and they love each other, you don't let them go. This can't be a Davante Adams or Tyreek Hill situation."

It makes sense to pay one of the most important pieces of the offense

"Stefon Diggs is the heart of this offense in terms of the passing game," Wilson said. "They have Gabe Davis on the outside to help as well. They signed Jameson Crowder, they have Isaiah McKenzie to take over that Cole Beasley slot, but Stefon Diggs is what makes this thing work.

"And he's been so much more productive, which is hard to imagine after that trade in 2020. He's totaled 230 receptions in two seasons in Buffalo. He has those 18 touchdowns, and he has been the difference-maker. It's clear that Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott think that he can continue to do that, even if that means breaking the bank to the tune of $26 million a year for Stefon Diggs with this new money."

Zero downside to the Diggs extension

"I like this move for the Bills," Ruiz said on The Ringer NFL Show podcast. "I think before the Christian Kirk deal or maybe even before these trades of superstar receivers, we might have analyzed this deal a little more in-depth. But now those numbers just seem like run-of-the-mill numbers. For a receiver of Diggs' caliber, yeah, it makes sense but are you not gonna pay him? I don't see any downside to this move. …"

A big congratulations to Stefon Diggs

"Stefon Diggs stays with Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills continue to build and build and build in hopes of bringing a Super Bowl to Western New York," McAfee said on his show. "The entire state and city are now invested in the Buffalo Bills with a new stadium, $650 million. In doing so, the Bills are there to stay.

"Beane and the boys want to win a title and it is smart to keep your best receiver on the team. It kind of stinks for every other team that maybe thought a wide receiver was gonna become available who's a freak. … He goes to Buffalo because of a little ending in turmoil in Minnesota. And has become Josh Allen's main target, Josh Allen's tag team partner, and Josh Allen's best friend if you watch them dance and groove together. So, congrats to Stefon Diggs!"

What does the Diggs extension mean for the Bills?

Martin: "Well for the Bills, it means GM Brandon Beane is rewarding guys who are big locker room leaders and he's rewarding Josh Allen's best friend. I mean, the bromance in Buffalo continues between these two.

"What it means for other teams that will be interesting and even for the Bills on their own roster because Stefon Diggs had two years left on this deal. And here's a situation where the GM decides to pay him before he really has to, but that shows in Buffalo, we want to make you happy. If you're a contributor, if you're a big-time contributor, we'll make you happy."

Acho: "… Sure, you could wait another two years until Stefon Diggs' contract expired but imagine how much the salary cap would have risen by then. Imagine how much the market would be higher by then. Pay him now in a year or two or three, this huge contract will look a lot smaller in comparison.

"So, I love the move. It doesn't make Buffalo any better, right? All you're doing is paying the guy who was already excellent. You're just paying him to stay. Doesn't make them better in the short term, but in the long term, this is a brilliant move by the Buffalo Bills."

Canty: "I think it's significant and I would push back on what Acho said, I do think it makes the Buffalo Bills better from a culture standpoint. If you're Brandon Beane, you're trying to make sure that everybody understands if you produce for this franchise, you're gonna get your money. And if you look at Stefon Diggs since he became a Buffalo Bill, he's top-five in receptions, top-five in yards, and top-five and first down receptions. How big is that for Josh Allen? So, this is a guy that's produced, probably exceeded the expectations that they had for him since they traded for him and beyond all of that. He's made Josh Allen that much better.

"So, I think from that standpoint, you take care of one of your guys, one of your team leaders in a season where you're expected to compete at a championship level. So, you get ahead of this problem before it becomes an issue in your locker room. It's not going to be a distraction as the season looms. This is a team that's the favorite to win the Super Bowl. They're the only team in the NFL that's returning from a top-five offense and a top-five defense in 2021. This is a championship team; they're entering into a championship window and Stefon Diggs is a huge part of that."

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