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Why Brett Favre and Drew Brees think the Bills are set up for success

Devin Singletary (26) and Josh Allen (17). Buffalo Bills Week 6 practice, October 15, 2021.  Photo by Ben Green
Devin Singletary (26) and Josh Allen (17). Buffalo Bills Week 6 practice, October 15, 2021. Photo by Ben Green

This week following Sunday night's win over the Chiefs, the Bills have gotten some high praise from two of the top quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. 

Both Brett Favre and Drew Brees made radio appearances throughout the week and have been impressed with the hot start this Bills team has gotten off to. 

"Buffalo, they could win it all," Favre said on Sirius XM Radio. "It's way premature but they have the pieces in place, and the experience to win at all."

"I think the Bills are the best team in football right now, and it's not even close," Brees told WWL's SportsTalk with Bobby Hebert, Kristian Garic and Mike Detillier. "What they've done defensively; they've pitched two shutouts in the last four games. Offensively, they scored darn near 40 points a game."

Both quarterbacks are Super Bowl champions and know what it takes to make it all the way to the big game and win it. If offense wins games and defense wins championships, then the Bills are set up for success with the way that both units have been playing to start the season.

Through five weeks the Bills offense ranks first in average points per game (34.4), point differential (+108), and turnover differential (+11). As Favre knows very well, the foundation for a championship-caliber team starts at the quarterback position. 

"[Josh Allen] will beat you in a number of ways," Favre said. "With his feet and legs, he's just in his way, just as dangerous. A great leader, you can tell that the guys love playing with him."

The Bills defense also is atop the league in many statistical categories led by a veteran defensive backfield staring Micah Hyde, who leads the team in interceptions (3). Buffalo's defense ranks first in points allowed per game (12.8), yards allowed per game (251.8), yards per play (4.25), takeaways (15) and big plays against allowing only eight plays of 20+ yards all season.

Favre and Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier spent two years together in Minnesota from 2009-2010 when Frazier led the defense and was the assistant head coach. After holding the Chiefs to 20 points on Sunday Night, Favre praised Frazier for doing what few teams have been able to against the reigning AFC champions. 

"I think there's another person on the team that needs to get a lot of praise and that's Leslie Frazier," Favre said. "It's no easy task, stopping the Chiefs now. They had a few plays, but he held them in check. I'd hate to be the defense coordinator having in the scheme against a guy like Mahomes, and an offense like the Chiefs."

The Bills executed a great game plan against the Chiefs and will need to continue to do so throughout the season in order to stay atop the AFC. Brees is encouraged to see that the Bills have been playing solid complementary football to start this season because when a team like this is firing on all cylinders, it's hard to stop.

"They just got a little bit everything," Brees stated. "But it always starts with great defense and a good run game, and they could do that. And they'll couple that with their big-play ability and they're just tough to defend."

Brees played last year with wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and knows the value that he adds to any offense. Sanders has been off to a phenomenal start in his first year with the Bills. Sanders was asked after practice why the Bills offense is so tough to defend, and he gave all the credit to one of his coaches. 

"I think because we got a great offensive coordinator," Sanders said after Friday's practice. "He knows how to dial it up. Him and Josh have great chemistry. Daboll is probably one of the first offensive coordinators … I know I've FaceTimed more with him than I've done with any other coach in my career. Daboll will be in a hot tub, and just FaceTime me randomly. Me and him will catch up for like five minutes and so it's just his personality. I think him and Josh's chemistry is just amazing. And so, when they're working and operating together, Josh is thinking like Daboll, and both are usually on the same page."

Greg Rousseau loves the competitive drive of the Bills defensive line

The Bills defensive line is one of the deepest and talented units on this football team. With 11 defensive linemen on the roster – the most of any position group – the Bills coaching staff can really get creative with different combinations of players along the line. It also helps keep the players fresh throughout the course of a game and a season. Because of the depth, competition throughout the week of practice is intense as all the guys want to prove why they should get playing time on game days. The Bills rookie pass rusher explained the level of competition that the defensive line has. 

"It's daily," Rousseau said. "It's every single individual drill, and every single team drill, we're always competing but it's a lot of fun. I feel like we really grow closer every single day, and it's all about just building that camaraderie in our group."

Micah Hyde explains the difference between playing Ryan Tannehill when he was with the Dolphins versus with the Titans

For the Bills, Ryan Tannehill is a familiar opponent from his days playing in Miami. Dating back to 2012, Tannehill has a 5-7 career record against the Bills. Micah Hyde has played him four times since coming to Buffalo and intercepted Tannehill once back in 2018. Hyde discussed the biggest difference that he's seen from Tannehill since he made the switch from Miami to Tennessee.

"I would say he's more controlling the offense," Hyde explained. "I would say that they obviously have a run game down in Tennessee with a great back. Some receivers outside that are very good and can do a lot of things. When he was down in Miami, he was throwing the ball a lot more and didn't really have the same weapons he has now. He's more in control of the offense and is a huge weapon for them."

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