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5 quotes from the Bills locker room on Patriots week, the Pro Bowl and the 2019 playoffs | Quote Sheet

Cornerbacks Taron Johnson (left) and Kevin Johnson (right) taking part in Wednesday's practice.
Cornerbacks Taron Johnson (left) and Kevin Johnson (right) taking part in Wednesday's practice.

1. "The numbers speak for themselves"

"Whoever didn't vote for Jordan Phillips, you're not my friend," Ed Oliver said.

Bills players rallied around Phillips after receiving a snub from the Pro Bowl vote. Phillips is second among all NFL defensive tackles with 9.5 sacks, trailing only Aaron Donald.

"It's whatever, the numbers speak for themselves," Phillips said.

"I mean it is what it is, Buffalo doesn't get that much respect as it is. We're a 10-4 team and only have one person in the Pro Bowl that says enough."

2. John Brown faces an All-Pro

John Brown will have arguably the toughest matchup on Saturday against the Patriots Stephon Gilmore.

"He's fearless," Brown said. "He believes in himself 100% and every play it's going to be something I have to come with. Especially playing receiver you have to have a Plan A and a Plan B. ... He's just real talented and I got a lot of respect."

Brown has been enjoying a career year and has matched up with Gilmore once before. The keys to his success have been game-planning.

"Just involvement with the coaches and Josh, they keep me involved a lot more and they just believe in me. The things that we do, and the defense getting turnovers and stops that's also giving me more opportunities to make plays," Brown said.

3. Morse: Can't guarantee anything

The Bills won't let the team's success from earlier this season give them false confidence as the team tries to achieve their goals in the future which includes a win against New England, says Mitch Morse.

"If anything you learn from those (earlier experiences), but they aren't going to guarantee anything," Morse said. "You see great teams who get embarrassed throughout the years. For us, you understand that we've had some success in the past but that's not going to bring us success this Saturday and unless we bring ourselves and bring competitive spirit and understand that we're going to get their best shot."

4. Bills still have a shot at the division

The division is still on the line for Sunday. Josh Allen spoke about what that means and what he needs to do differently during round two against the Patriots.

"Obviously it means a lot," Allen said. "We want to at least put ourselves in a position that we can obtain it and to do that we have to put our best foot forward on Saturday and try and go win a game."

"You just got to trust what you see. Trust your eyes, trust your feet. I think that's where I failed in the previous meeting that I didn't' trust what I saw, and I was trying to force some things. Hopefully this week I have learned my lesson and we can go through our good game plan and make the plays we need to make."

5. 2019 playoffs aren't luck

This is the second Bills team in three years to make the playoffs. Dion Dawkins emphasized the differences between them.

"Well the difference from this team and the 2017 team is we got in by not luck or the blessings of another team. We solidified it with our doings," Dawkins said. "It's a totally different feel but if guys keep taking it one day at a time and don't overlook our opponents, then I would say that we will be a little bit more ready than the last time."