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5 ways the Pegulas have made an impact in their five years as Bills owners


It's been five years now that Kim and Terry Pegula have owned the Buffalo Bills. Though the tenure has been short, there have been some significant ventures undertaken by the franchise owners to raise the bar at One Bills Drive. Below we highlight some of the more notable ones through the initial stages of their ownership.

5. Establishing the One Buffalo community

After purchasing the Bills, their decision to unify the region's sports community under the phrase of 'One Buffalo' gave Buffalo's fan base with the opportunity to collectively embrace the team's two major sports franchises in a way they had not before.

The Pegulas' successful efforts to pull the region's hockey and football followings into a unified fan base has helped to raise the profile of the unique brand of support that Buffalo fans provide to their teams.


4. Commitment to excel

The Pegulas do not want an NFL franchise that can just compete. They want their club to be a model that others hold in reverence. While they understand that takes time, their philosophical approach is rooted in reaching that level.

"Their willingness to think outside the box and look for some new areas to improve is what stands out to me," said Bills Chief Administrative Officer, Dave Wheat. "Being willing to leave no stone unturned, so when they're making decisions we have all the right people in the building thinking holistically about what's best. They were the ones who brought in Joe (Collins) and Jo (Clubb), the sports scientists.

"The technologies and investments we've made are designed to make the team better, make the athletes here better, but for the rest of their lives have these tools available to them as well."

3. Enhancing the fan experience

Though the stadium renovations in 2014 were earmarked prior to their ownership, the Pegulas have taken steps to further improve the fan experience on game day.

"When appropriate they've been willing to invest their money into the stadium. The club renovations were a big part of that," said Wheat. "When we did the renovation in 2014 with the new lease, the clubs were the one piece that hadn't been upgraded and they were willing to invest privately in that and re-did the clubs. The fan experience in general is important to them. They recognize and uphold the traditions of Buffalo Bills football, but also stay current with what fans want."

On October 8, 2014, NFL owners unanimously approved Terry and Kim Pegula's purchase of the Buffalo Bills at NFL League Meetings. Scroll through to view some of the top moments from their time with the Bills as we celebrate the five-year anniversary of their ownership!

2. Diversity in hiring

Be it front office, personnel, coaching, support staff or player engagement, the Pegulas, in conjunction with GM Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott have enacted a forward-thinking approach in diversifying the hiring process.

"Having Kim and Terry as owners, they are very progressive," said Laura Young, Coordinator of Player Services. "I think they are not just progressive with women, I think they are progressive across the board with diversity both on the football side and on the business side."

"If you have people all from the same background, I think you miss different perspectives, different ideals, different experiences that people have had along the way," said Beane. "I think that is obviously starting with Kim and Terry and how they see things and how Sean and I view things. It's what we want because we want to be the best."

1. Improving the player environment

Whether it's the expansion of the grass practice field layout or the private investment to build the cutting-edge Sports Performance center, the Pegulas have made a dedicated effort to help the players succeed and stay healthy.

"What the Pegulas have done is put the right tools in place for guys to stay on the field, prolong their careers and improve their body composition," said Jerry Hughes. "Our training room is probably the best in the NFL with the cryotherapy, some of the state-of-the-art technology with our sports science department. They're showing us different ways we can strengthen our smaller and weaker muscles. The brand-new weight room. Their understanding of what football players need and their generosity in paying for it and their compassion in putting all of it together in such a short period of time, all of those things are key."

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