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A look at the 2016 fantasy prospects for Bills players


The NFL draft has come and gone. Now it's your turn. Grab your scouting clipboard because it's fantasy football season.

The season is about four months away. Yet, it is never too early to start the search for your top point getters. You don't need to look too far to see some upper echelon talent. Websites are starting to release their top players and the Buffalo Bills have the guys that may be your potential steal in the draft.

Lesean McCoy
NFL ranks McCoy as the 23rd best overall player in fantasy

ESPN predicts he will be the 13th overall running back available.

The Bills' offense jumped from 25th to first last year in total rushing yards. This is when McCoy played only 12 games. There is always that risk of injury with any player on any team, but imagine the stats the Bills rack up with 16 games played by McCoy. In the 2015 season, McCoy averaged 4.4 yards a run and had three rushing touchdowns. His receiving stats add more to his value. He caught-and-ran for nearly 300 yards and added two more touchdowns.

ESPN projects McCoy to receive 212 fantasy points through eight rushing touchdowns and two receiving. The 23rd overall rank might seem high for the Bills' backfield threat, but Buffalo is a run-first offense. Only Carolina (526 rushes) ran the ball more times than Buffalo (509 rushes).

Sammy Watkins
NFL ranks him among the best at 22nd overall.

ESPN has Watkins as the 10th wide out in the league.

Watkins had a stupendous year in 2015 and topped his rookie season. He achieved the 1,000-yard marker his sophomore season and in even less games. He did miss three games last season, but his efficiency is climbing. Watkins was streaking to end the season. In his last six games, he averaged 113.2 yards a game, one touchdown and 21.7 yards per catch. Predicting that production to carry over to this season is anything but farfetched.

ESPN projected 2016 stats of 176 fantasy points with eight touchdowns and setting a new career high in receiving yards with 1,275 yards.

Tyrod Taylor
NFL analyst Adam Rank believes he is the 98th overall player in fantasy NFL.

ESPN predicts Taylor as the 12th best quarterback to select.

Last year, Taylor walked onto this team competing for that number one spot. This year, it's confirmed over and over again that he is the number one. That security and working with the starters all preseason should carry over to a more successful season than last. The team finished first in rushing due in part to Taylor's mobility. He racked up over 550 yards last season rushing and threw for 3,035. He has the chance to beat both of those numbers this season.

The numbers predict the same. ESPN has Taylor getting 267 points to his fantasy owners with a projection of 22 touchdowns thrown and four more on the ground.

Charles ClayESPN projects Clay to be 21st overall tight end.

Every analyst and website has its own views on each player, but Clay may be overlooked to many. The role of a tight end has exponentially grown in the recent years. The size advantage over wide outs opens many eyes and Clay has that. Clay's impact in the Bills' offense can only grow from last year. He caught three touchdowns last year and he had playmaking numbers. Clay averaged 10.4 yards per catch and totaled 528 yards receiving.

ESPN has Clay getting 19 more points than last year, 65 to 84. This will come from a projection of four touchdowns and nearly 80 more yards in the passing game.

Robert Woods
Woods is predicted to be the 81st overall wide out by ESPN

His rankings may help Bills fans. There is a deceiving nature that a number two receiver has. Woods had big plays for Buffalo last season and that shows in his 11.7 yards per catch. The lower rankings can assist in getting a better player deeper in the draft.

Last season, Woods tallied 64 fantasy points. ESPN has him jumping up 14 points to 78.

Bills defense
ESPN ranks Buffalo's defense 15th overall.

Buffalo's defense was disappointingly unproductive in 2015, but that figures to change in 2016. With the addition of three draft choices who could be impact performers, Kyle Williams healthy and a clean bill of health for Aaron Williams, the Bills should be better playmakers this fall.

ESPN projects Buffalo's sack total to jump to 38, which is the biggest factor in their predicted jump from 79 to 110 points this coming season.

Defense may win championships, but offense wins fantasy leagues. Don't be that Bills' fan that loses in a fantasy matchup because you faced a Tyrod, Watkins combo.

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