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A response to a Peters question - Jul 31

A response to a Peters questionPosted By: Chris Brown 11:53 PM ET

A RESPONSE TO A PETERS QUESTION: You guys are really trying to dig for every possible angle imaginable on the Jason Peters situation. Can't say I blame you. In any event here's the question and my answer below.

Q - I realise you probably won't and can't comment on what info you know regarding contracts, but as a hypothesis clearly a lot of folk on here have entertained the thoughts that there is more to the Peters situation than is being divulged. So, in your considered opinion, is this purely a contract dispute or is there a possibility that Peters has had trouble recovering from his injury and is out of shape, hence the invisible man act?

A - I don't believe there are any extra layers to the Peters situation besides money. Peters sports hernia surgery is considered a pretty straightforward procedure and there's a three month rehab. He had the surgery in late January so he should have been completely recovered by early May at the latest.

I really don't see his physical condition as the reason for him staying away. However, since no one is able to get in touch with him one can't definitively say he's recovered from surgery, but I still don't think physical health is part of the issue here. It's money plain and simple.

Highlights issue
Posted By: Chris Brown 11:48 PM ET

HIGHLIGHTS ISSUE: We have received your concerns regarding the highlights or lack thereof in Roundup. In an effort to be a full service fan website we will put together a highlight reel that will run at the end of the week, kind of a plays of the week deal.

We'll try to start that this weekend, probably Saturday after the final practice of the week. Otherwise next weekend at the latest. I'll try to keep you all posted on that.

Reed and Parrish update
Posted By: Chris Brown 11:36 PM ET

REED AND PARRISH UPDATE: Both Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish have been having solid camps. Reed is someone that Edwards looks for and their chemistry has probably only been trumped by Edwards and Evans. Both Reed and Parrish have been effective in getting separation on a consistent basis.

Parrish has seen more time with the first unit the last couple of days as more of the spread formations have been installed.

There were actually some empty backfield sets Thursday night so they are showing that spreading things out is a possibility this year, but again I caution, what you see in training camp isn't always what you see in September.

Answering some questions
Posted By: Chris Brown 11:13 PM ET

ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS: I've got about a half hour before I have to hit the sack, so here are some answers to your questions. Again feel free to email me at and I'll try to get back to you. Just realize between and Bills Digest I'm jamming and cramming so bear with me.

Q - Are the players staying in the dorms or a hotel just wondering since i go to college at brockport and I know stroud would not be fitting in our beds. lol

A - They stay in the dorms. Some of the bigger players push two twin beds together and use a full or queen size mattress pad for comfort and to prevent themselves from falling through the big crack between the two mattresses.

Q - Any word on Demetrius Bell? How's he looking? Is he getting many reps?

A- Over the last two days I think Bell has really come along. He's fared well in the one-on-one pass protection matchups and I mentioned him in my practice notes tonight under the Getting Reps section. He's still learning, but he's made progress as far as I can see.

Q - With the Peters situation many are curious about how Kirk Chambers is holding up. Getting beat a lot? Holding is own?

A - Chambers was doing okay on the left side before shifting to the right and he faring pretty well. It should be noted that Walker is doing pretty well on the left side too, although Schobel has not been at practice since the move as he's dealing with a death in the family at home.

Q - Chris, can you give us your opinion on the progress of Stevie Johnson as a WR and ST's compared to other WR's like Huggins, Jenkins, Jones, and Mayle? Who is standing out more and what do you expect?

A - Johnson was making plays before suffering his knee ailment. He should be back soon though as he was jogging on the sidelines working with trainers. Since he's been out Felton Huggins and Justin Jenkins have taken advantage making plays. Jason Jones hasn't had too many reps. Scott Mayle made a nice play tonight when he leaped high to pull in a Losman pass.

Q - I read where Kelsay said Mitchell was playing the "SAM". Does that mean Crowell has been switched to the "WILL" role? I ask because of Kelsay's comment and when Crowell went down last night Ellison - a WILL - stepped into his place even though Bowen is listed as his backup at the SAM position.

A - Okay this is a confusing one. In most defenses the SAM is the strong side backer and the WILL is weak side backer. But in Buffalo's defense those labels mean the opposite. SAM is weakside (Mitchell) and WILL is strong side (SAM). Ellison has been in for Crowell and is his backup on the strong side. He had been Mitchell's backup on the weak side in the spring, but that has changed. My thinking is if either Crowell or Mitchell suffer an injury this season that Ellison will be the first linebacker off the bench to fill an outside position and DiGiorgio will be first off the bench to fill the middle.

Crowell update
Posted By: Chris Brown 10:52 PM ET

CROWELL UPDATE: Bills linebacker Angelo Crowell was again forced to sit due to his ailing knee. Head coach Dick Jauron confirmed Thursday night that it's the same problem that Crowell suffered from during last year's training camp.

Crowell had a swelling issue in the knee last summer too. Jauron was asked if the situation could become chronic for his strong side linebacker.

"It may be," said Jauron. "It's the very same thing, so we're treating it the same way and hopefully we can get him through this and then have no more re-occurrences."

It should be noted that Crowell did start all 16 games last season, despite the same fluid on the knee issue last year in camp.

MRI for Simpson; Hardy sits
Posted By: Chris Brown 9:29 PM ET

MRI FOR SIMPSON; HARDY SITS: Ko Simpson was not in attendance as he had an MRI on his surgically repaired left ankle. James Hardy also did not participate in practice after tweaking a hamstring. We'll have more on the home page very soon on both of these stories.

Whitner leaves early
Posted By: Chris Brown 9:28 PM ET

WHITNER LEAVES EARLY: Donte Whitner left the practice field early Thursday night after getting sick to his stomach.

"Donte got sick," said head coach Dick Jauron. "He got sick on the field once and he thought it had passed, but he got sick again and felt really bad so they took him off the field."

Whitner walked to the locker room under his own power.

Injury update from night practice
Posted By: Chris Brown 8:29 PM ET

INJURY UPDATE: Not practicing are DE Shaun Nua, LB Angelo Crowell and WR Steve Johnson. Johnson is working on the sideline with trainers so he's probably close to returning to action.

Not in attendance are Aaron Schobel and Ko Simpson.

McKelvin could be in slot tonight
Posted By: Chris Brown 1:01 PM ET

MCKELVIN COULD BE IN SLOT TONIGHT: Though he's expected to get his reps at left cornerback with the second unit in the Bills night practice at St. John Fisher tonight, keep an eye on top pick Leodis McKelvin when the third team defense comes on the field.

In this morning's closed walk through, McKelvin lined up in the slot with the third nickel package as the defensive staff sees how their top rookie cornerback holds things down on the inside. Right now Will James and fellow rookie Reggie Corner are ahead of him in that slot role.

McKelvin hinted that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell had been showing him some nickel looks when he first arrived at training camp. Now five days later he's expected to line up there tonight.

LT situation in preseasonPosted By: Chris Brown 12:59 PM ET

LEFT TACKLE SITUATION IN PRESEASON: Head coach Dick Jauron was asked how things would play out in 10 days when the Bills have their first preseason game if Jason Peters has still not reported.

"We'll see about preseason," said Jauron. "Hopefully Jason will come in and if Jason is in I don't know that Langston would see any (action) at left tackle in preseason games, but in practice he'd probably still work there some."

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